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Can A Professor Actually Identify An Essay Purchased Online? We Bought One to Find Out.

SPONSORED CONTENT Writing academic papers sucks.  Writing academic papers on a deadline when you realize you have 3 papers due in a week, not enough time to do them, and there’s beer to be had because Tuesday is also Tim’s birthday, well, that sucks even more. Enter for-purchase essay websites. They promise good grades in […]

Scientific Proof There is No Difference Between Taco Bell Items

We did a blind taste test on the Taco Bell menu, and the results are shocking. And by shocking we mean predictable.

United Airlines Lucky Rabbit Foot Sacrifice Backfires in Spectacular Fashion

The latest PR blunder by United Airlines occurred Tuesday when, in attempt to reverse the company’s luck, they sacrificed Simon the Giant Rabbit. “The Blood God Khorne was to favor us upon the sacrifice of this foul beast,” United CEO Oscar Munoz stated to the press, “until you slovenly fools caught wind of our plan. […]

The Top 10 Things You Could Have Spent Your $37,172 Student Loan Debt On

It’s weird to think 4 years ago, you started out with serious coin compared to what you have now. Yes, this year, the average college student will graduate over $37,000 in debt. Which…that’s bad, right? To put that in perspective, here are 10 things you could have bought with that skrilla instead.   10.) 572 […]

Syracuse University Dorms, Ranked

A good dorm room can make or break your first 2 years at Syracuse University. You could either end up having to walk two miles in snow and negative temperatures for your 8a.m. or you could be able to wake up ten minutes before class and be on time for class, even though you don’t […]

Should You Connect With Your One Night Stand From KAM’s On LinkedIn?

Last night it was 4-inch stilettos at Lion, this morning it’s flats for an internship with the Urbana City Government. But, she looks pretty good in her blazer on that LinkedIn pic. Try to establish a mutually-beneficial working relationship with her, or no?   Brendan: No, of course it’s a bad idea; LinkedIn is a […]

Ideal Spring Break Locations for Each Cornell College

TGIASB—“Thank goodness it’s almost spring break” is a phrase muttered by a majority of Cornell students as they prepare for a week of fun and blowing off all of their work. Does your ideal spring break match your college? Find out here.   7.) College of Agriculture and Life Sciences: These future farmers (or current […]

5 Reasons Women Have No Right to Be Mad About the United Leggings Incident

Yesterday, United Airlines sparked controversy after it didn’t let two women wearing leggings board a flight in Minneapolis. But, we think that’s all poppycock, and we have 5 good reasons why. 5.) You Should Be Ashamed of Your Filthy Body: Have a little modesty for once in your stupid lady life. There are children around […]

10 Things WMU Tour Guides Wish They Could Tell Visiting High Schoolers

Nearly every Bronco on campus went through at least one admissions tour before they finally decided to sign their life away to Western Michigan University. Many to-be Broncos get the same peppy speech about WMU, but once they get here they realize WMU isn’t exactly what the guides made it out to be. Here’s what […]

“Totally Broke” College Students Manage to Find $400 for Lollapalooza Tickets

With the 2017 Lollapalooza lineup headlined by Chance the Rapper, Lorde, Muse and The Killers, financially-challenged college students across the Midwest are managing to find $400 for tickets. “Yeah, like, I’m totally broke,” Wisconsin junior Tony Ursur noted, “but like…LOLLA, man! So, I called my mom, and she floated me a loan for tix.” Other […]