Brittany Belding

Brittany Belding

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University of Michigan
Timeline of a Umich Student’s Day During Midterms

Have a great midterm week y’all, t-minus 3 days until spring break!!!

How To: Start a Fight at Winterfest

When you get an opportunity to drunkenly slip around on ice and freely beat the shit out of someone, you just can’t turn that down!

UMich Pickup Lines Guaranteed to Snag You a Date for Valentine’s Day

Even though we’re sure you had some super awesome Netflix and binge eating planned, we thought we’d lend a hand!

8 Things to “Say With Balloons” at the University of Michigan

Here at the Black Sheep, we believe in celebrating the little things in life. With a hand from the SORC, that’s totally possible!

Top 10 Places at the University of Michigan For Your Evil Lair

If your 5 year plan includes using your engineering degree to create weapons of mass destruction, you won’t even have to leave campus to do it!

Student Takes Bio 171, Doesn’t Shower to Increase Pheromone Output

For the uneducated, pheromones are the “all natural, fragrance free” perfume that says “hey baby how you doin’?”. Simple, right?

10 Ways to Use the Ugly Michigan Gear You Got for Christmas

You seem to always get some crap for Christmas just because it has a block M on it. So here’s a few other ways to use that ugly ass present.

9 Things to Try Not to Do This Year at the University of Michigan

It’s up to you to make this semester better than the last, and we already have the year change on our side, so keep the good vibes going!

How to: Spend New Year’s Eve in a Small Suburban Town

It’s getting pretty old but, there’s still New Year’s Eve to get through. Here’s how to make sure you have the most rockin’ New Year’s Eve possible!