Brittany Belding

Brittany Belding

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University of Michigan
Top 10 Non-Academic Reasons You Won’t Graduate from Michigan

So if school has sucked away pretty much all of your soul, here are 10 non-academic you won’t graduate from the University of Michigan!

Top 10 Places to Cry at the University of Michigan

We’re pretty sure you’ll shed a few tears at some point before the end of the semester. If you just can’t keep it in until you get home, we've got you.

8 Excellent Places to Hang a Hammock at U of M

Warm weather is here and that means hammocking. But you're late and there won’t be any room left! Keep reading for an ~alternative~ spot to chill.

6 Places in Ann Arbor to Get Food For Under $3

It’s the nearing the end of the semester, and Daddy’s money isn’t getting you as much as it used to so we found 6 places that won’t put you further in debt.

7 Things in Ann Arbor the Wind Should Have Blown Away But Didn’t

How about that wind last week? We can’t help but wish the wind took a few other things, besides taking out the power.

University of Michigan Dog of the Week: Brook the Husky

It’s the one thing you never knew you needed. The Black Sheep is proud to present: University of Michigan Dog of the Week!

Timeline of a Umich Student’s Day During Midterms

Have a great midterm week y’all, t-minus 3 days until spring break!!!

How To: Start a Fight at Winterfest

When you get an opportunity to drunkenly slip around on ice and freely beat the shit out of someone, you just can’t turn that down!

UMich Pickup Lines Guaranteed to Snag You a Date for Valentine’s Day

Even though we’re sure you had some super awesome Netflix and binge eating planned, we thought we’d lend a hand!

8 Things to “Say With Balloons” at the University of Michigan

Here at the Black Sheep, we believe in celebrating the little things in life. With a hand from the SORC, that’s totally possible!