Brooke Clayton

Brooke Clayton


University of Iowa Majors Renamed to Fit What They Actually Are

Unfortunately, with majors like American studies and enterprise leadership, no one knows what the hell their major actually means.

QUIZ: We Can Predict Your Spring Break Based On Your Hawkeye Habits

By analyzing what your daily grind looks like at Iowa, we can determine what type of spring break you’ll have.

Entire Fraternity Proud to Have Helped Pay Summit’s Underaged Drinking Fine in One Night

Members of Alpha Sigma Sigma we're proud to realize that they helped Summit raise the funds after just one night of drinking.

6 of the Most F*cked Up Things to Ever Happen in Iowa City

If you thought that your drunk Friday night was a mess, you haven’t heard these stories. Enjoy the fucked up IC events that will put your stories to shame.

An Ode to My Java House Coffee

My inspiration, my Java. Your scent sings hymns to my stuffy nose, And even though you burn me like molten lava you’re too special for simple prose.

7 Unconventional Ways to Find Yourself a Hawkeye Valentine

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner (and more importantly, frat date parties), The Black Sheep is here to step in as that old dude from eHarmony.

Bartender of the Week: The Airliner’s Gabrielle

Hang out and have a drink with The Airliner's airliniest bartender, Gabrielle.

If University of Iowa Buildings Were Your Favorite Celebrities

If Iowa City were the red carpet, here are the stars who would be strutting their stuff as our campus buildings.

Cuffing: A Hawkeye’s Guide to Staying Warm this Winter

Now more than ever, we really just want someone to cuddle with and complain to about the weather, like bears hibernating in a warm little sex cave.

6 Ways to Prepare for the Iowa vs. Iowa State Basketball Game

In the heat of studying for finals, Iowa’s good behavior will have to be paused for a few hours this Thursday when the Hawkeyes take on the Cyclones.