Brooks Fassett

Brooks Fassett

Spring Break Ruined After NYU Student Realizes Long Island Isn’t Tropical

A spring transfer student, Alexa McGovern, was shocked to see snow on the ground during last week's Spring Break getaway.

What Non-NYU Students Really Think About NYU

So, what do people who go to “real” colleges think of NYU? To find out, we interviewed non-NYU students who had a lot to say.

QUIZ: Which NYU Dorm Should You Live In Next Year?

It's that time of year again, choosing where you are going to live next year, and all the consequences that come with this decision.

February NYU Fashion Guide Even A Hobo Could Follow

NYC can either be ruthlessly cold in the winter or dangerously warming (seriously y’all the earth is melting). Follow this guide for all your fashion needs.

“Long-Distance” Relationship Between Goddard and Gramercy Strained

“If it was meant to be, they would have put me at Third North," freshman Alice Dejana sighs while looking out her Goddard window.

QUIZ: We Bet We Can Guess Which NYU Dining Hall Is Your Favorite

NYU is full of somewhat delicious dining hall food. Can we guess which hall is your favorite? We most definitely can try, and possibly fail!

NYU Student Robbed in WSP, Forced to Give Up Netflix Password

Local Netflix binge watcher, Tyler Lee, was robbed of his most valuable possession in Washington Square Park on Saturday.

NYU Student Happy to Have Avoided Projectile Vomiting This NYE

Nicole Davila, a freshman at NYU originally the Bay Area of California, was very excited to have spent the holidays far away from campus. “I’m from this rad town on the West Coast, Best Coast where only like 7,000 people live,” Nicole told us while drinking a Starbucks Macchiato and eating spoonfuls of guacamole. “It’s very […]