Brooks Fassett

Brooks Fassett

The Inner Thoughts of a PreMed Student vs. An English Major at NYU

As the semester ends, we spoke to two students, a PreMed Chem major and an English major on the Creative Writing track, to hear their thoughts on finals.

We Interviewed An RHAD About What It’s Like To Live In A Dorm As A Grown Adult

We (actually) interviewed one of the RHADs about what it’s like to slum it as a college student, even though they hold a master’s degree.

NYU to Purchase Central Park and Convert Into Athletic Facility

“NYU’s new athletic facility will be opening in 3078,” Hamilton announced. “We have just purchased Central Park and will be starting renovations soon.”

NYU Student From California Transfers Due to Excessive NYC Rain

Green is from San Diego, which only recently recovered from its drought. She never owned an umbrella before coming here, and often skips class during rain.

NYU Student Seduces Professor to See If Ends Justify the Means

NYU Liberal Studies student, Lily Hannigan, has seduced her Social Foundations professor as a sort of academic study on Machiavelli’s The Prince.

Quiz: Which NYU Study Away Site Do You Belong In?

If you didn't go abroad, did you even go to NYU? Take this quiz to help you decide where you want to go before you officially apply.

Spring Break Ruined After NYU Student Realizes Long Island Isn’t Tropical

A spring transfer student, Alexa McGovern, was shocked to see snow on the ground during last week's Spring Break getaway.

What Non-NYU Students Really Think About NYU

So, what do people who go to “real” colleges think of NYU? To find out, we interviewed non-NYU students who had a lot to say.

QUIZ: Which NYU Dorm Should You Live In Next Year?

It's that time of year again, choosing where you are going to live next year, and all the consequences that come with this decision.

February NYU Fashion Guide Even A Hobo Could Follow

NYC can either be ruthlessly cold in the winter or dangerously warming (seriously y’all the earth is melting). Follow this guide for all your fashion needs.