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7 Things UIUC Students Aren’t Looking Forward to Coming Back to After Winter Break

Winter break is one of the most wonderful times of the year. Going back to Champaign is extra hard because you’ve become accustomed to the simple pleasures of masturbating in your childhood twin bed and getting trashed off egg nog with your grandparents. Here’s a list of the worst things at UIUC to bring us […]

In Memoriam: Antonio’s Pizza (2005-2016)

The Green Street Antonio’s here at UIUC will be missed by plastered drunk and sober students alike. Rest easy sweet pizza prince. You will be missed.

Recipe for Disaster: Spiked Jingle Balls

This week, The Black Sheep has decided to take some holiday chocolate balls and make them alcoholic because why not?

Drinking Game: Musical Balls

This is the perfect drinking game for a little friendly rivalry, and hey, who doesn’t love to force their friends to drink?

UIUC Frat Star Annoyed Kohl’s Shopping Trips With Mom Over Break Aren’t as Fun as Booze Runs With His Buddies Back at School

As winter break begins, UIUC students rush home to be home with their families for the holidays. For some, though, this exodus from school grounds spells boredom.Andrew Kleiss, a UIUC junior, found out the hard way this week, when he arrived home and his mother, Janet, immediately made him got to Kohl’s with her.“Ugh, my […]

Drinking Game: Ping-Pong Panic

Is there anything truly better than getting totally smashed while grabbing at balls? Of course not! So this week, The Black Sheep has prepared a fun drinking game that involves a lot of balls and a whole lot of fun, too.   What You’ll Need: One ping-pong ball for every player, one drink per person, […]

McKinley Health Center: “Walking Up Stairs at Brothers on Thursdays is Enough Cardio for the Week”

Many “professionals” at McKinley haven’t tried to warn students about the health risks of weight gain, but have instead encouraged students to exercise.

Drinking Game: Slaps and Spades

This week’s drinking game is all about slapping your friends and drinking—the American Dream.

Recipe for Disaster: “Chill, Bro” Cinnamon-Rum Custard

Making custard from scratch is a pain in the ass, but it’s worth it if you’re too drunk after to remember making it, right?