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Top 10 Ways to Get a Drinking Ticket at UIUC

If there’s one thing UIUC kids are familiar with, it’s the infamous drinking ticket. Forget buying that new pair of shoes you like or donating that $300 to charity (yeah, that’s it!), that cash is going straight down the drain in the form of a big ol’ sloppy slip of paper. Buckle up and read […]

Top 7 Places to Puke at UIUC When You’re Disgusted With Valentine’s Day (With GIFs!)

If you hate love and also hate people, here are a few places in Chambana you can puke in case you come in contact with disgusting couple-y bullshit.

Drinking Game: Love Me Tinder

How many times a week do you wish you could talk to and/or make out with a complete stranger on your campus? All the time, right? This Valentine’s Day, spice up your love life by turning Tinder into a drinking game. What could go wrong?   What You’ll Need: One drink per person, a pair […]

Top 10 UIUC Tasteful Snapchat Nudes

Tasteful Snapchat nudes are our generation’s version of art, like the Mona Lisa. What would we do without 10 seconds of dimly lit, yet tasteful Snapchat nudes to keep our blood pumping? Here are the top 10 places on UIUC’s campus to take these life-changing nude photos of yourself.   10.) County Market Checkout Line […]

ISU Kid Takes Bus Down to Champaign Every Week to Remind UIUC Friends that ISU Was His First Choice

While Illinois State is most every Illinois high school student’s second choice for further education, some more headstrong members of the population beg to differ. ISU Sophomore Jeremy Brown said this week that ISU was not only his first choice, but the best choice. “When I graduated from Pana High School, I definitely knew that […]

Drinking Game: Drunk and Disorderly

Ever feel like you can’t go another day without making your friends your bitch? Drunk and disorderly is a fun game you can play with your friends if you just cant get enough of the rush of telling each other what to do.   What You’ll Need: Enough cups for each player to have one, […]

New 24-Hour Green Street Subway Now Offering Opportunity to Throw Up a Foot of Meat and Cheese

The new 24-hour store hours of the Green Street Subway has caused excitement among many members of the campus community. This new 24-hour time frame allotted to eat a footlong sandwich as drunk food has opened up many new grotesque opportunities for UIUC students.“I’m really, really excited to now be able to eat an entire […]

An Open Letter To The Guy Who Just ASSUMED My Greek Affiliation

“Actually wait, lemme guess,” and you said before rattling off at least a dozen bottom-to-freakin’-middle-top house names before I could even get a word in.

An Open Letter to the Guy Who Just ASSUMED My Greek Affiliation

Dear Guy at the Bar Who Just Assumed My Greek Affiliation,There you were—just standing across from me at the bar at Lion, whispering to your friends and sensually rubbing your nipples through your shirt while winking at me. You were charming, and it’s really hard for me to ignore anyone who is giving me the […]

Point/Counterpoint: Should Joe’s Build A Wall to Keep ISU Students Out?

Universities pride themselves on being a safe space for intellectual debate on hot topics, which is why we decided to bring back an old favorite of our readers: Point/Counterpoint. This week, the editors argue whether Joe’s should build a wall to keep ISU students out. Diego Manischewitz: Joe’s has to build a wall to keep […]