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Cait The Scammer


Cochrane Buys Out Gay Bar in Order to Provide Frat Guys Another Safe Space

Scott Cochrane has recently acquired famed gay bar Chester Street in the hopes of turning it into another “safe space for fraternity men” on UIUC’s campus.

U of I Geed Girl Hates Sororities, to Attend Greek Reunion

At the start of every school year, UIUC women can be seen walking with a purpose throughout Champaign-Urbana to each sorority house for formal recruitment. Jenna Johnson, UIUC sophomore, decided that being in a sorority just wasn’t for her, but that’s not stopping her from going to Greek Reunion.“I could just never be in a […]

Greek Reunion Daddy of the Week: Joey Szelina

Name: Joey Szelina Twitter Handle: @jszelina (@joeyszelina on Insagram) Year: Junior Major: English Relationship Status: Married to the game. And the bottle. Fraternity: OX Boxers or Briefs?: Obviously boxer briefs.       Tell us a dad joke: Where do you learn to make ice cream? Sunday School!Mom said you went to the corner store to get cigarettes, […]

QUIZ: Which Chicago Suburb Did You Peak In?

We all had our place in high school. Lucky for you, we made this quiz to let you know which Chicago suburb you peaked in!

Daddy of the Week: Michael Sandoval

Name: Michael Sandoval, AKA Sandy Twitter Handle: @mjsando2 Year: Rising junior, aspiring super senior Major: Marketing and management entrepreneurship. Just follow the money kids, passions are fake news. Relationship Status: Single Pringle Fraternity: LOL AXP (RIP) Boxers or Briefs?: Boxer briefs, because I have self-respect.Tell us a dad joke: What’s Forrest Gump’s password? 1forrest1Are you […]

Daddy of the Week: Sean Tobin

Name: Sean Tobin Twitter Handle: @seantobin Year: Sophomore Major: Crop sciences Relationship Status: Sad Fraternity: Kappa Delta Rho Boxers or Briefs?: Boxers, it’s the American way.Tell us a dad joke: My kids asked what school I went to be a loan shark; I told them I went to I.O.U.Would you prefer sex on the beach […]

Daddy of the Week: PJ

Name: PJ Oweimrin       Twitter Handle: @pjoweimrin Year: Senior Major: Arts and crafts Relationship Status: Independently owned and operated Fraternity: Phi Psi Boxers or Briefs?: CommandoTell us a dad joke: Where can I go to learn how to make ice cream? Sundae school.What’s the messiest possible way to end your loveless marriage of 25 years?: Sleeping […]

Daddy of the Week: Drew

Name: Drew Twitter Handle: @drewbiedoobiedoo Year: Junior Major: MCB Relationship Status: Taken :/ Fraternity: Alpha Sigs Boxers or Briefs?: Briefs because my butt is the only proof that I’m actually Latino.Tell us a dad joke: “You may not be as wise as an owl, but you’ll always be a hoot to me!”   Would you […]

Daddy of the Week: Frankie

Name: Frankie Twitter Handle: @gratata96 Year: Junior Major: Something that landed me in the $90K/year range with a corner office and a secretary named Doris. Relationship Status: Single, but don’t ask my wife because she’ll say something different. Fraternity: Daddy Kappa Daddy Boxers or Briefs?: Boxer briefsTell us a dad joke: “How do you make […]

Daddy of the Week: Barrett Stone

Name: Barrett Stone                  Twitter Handle: @True_KeithStone Year: Junior Major: Ag-Finance Relationship Status: In a loveless one-way relationship with Bri Sarley Fraternity: Alpha Sigs Boxers or Briefs?: BriefsTell us a dad joke: “Did you know that diarrhea is hereditary? Cause it runs in your jeans!”   What’s the worst injury you’ve ever sustained whilst trimming the […]