Cala Adair

Cala Adair

Students Stage “Wintervention” for South Carolina Winter

The intervention, led by junior Adam Messina, was staged in order to combat the high fluctuation of temperatures typical of a South Carolina winter.

6 Things You Won’t Miss About South Carolina’s Campus Over Winter Break

So as you limp through finals with the energy of a one-legged Galapagos tortoise, here’s a reminder of all the things you won’t miss once you’re out of here

Gamecock to Loon: Tips for South Carolina Students Moving to Canada

They've got everything from goofy wildlife to the hunkiest Prime Minister in North America. So we put together tips on how to make your transition smoother!

A Judgmental Map of South Carolina’s Campus

Columbia is wonderful, and sure, South Carolina has a beautiful campus, but it’s not all Gamecocks and roses around here. Not everything is perfect, and we’re here to judge the crap out of it with this very, very judgmental map. (Click here or on the image below for a full-sized version!)  

An Open Letter to the Nail(s) That Went Through My Foot at the UMass Tailgate

A quick note that this is an actual thing that actually happened. Dear Nail(s), Well, this is a little awkward, isn’t it? I’m sure you thought you’d never hear from me again. I’m sure you thought, “The infection must have spread to the rest of her body by now. Surely she’s a goner.” Well, you’re […]

Darla Moore Student Guilty of Attending All 8a.m. Classes Tried as Witch, Burned at the Stake

  Stephanie Hollings, an international business student at the Darla Moore School of Business, was burned at the stake last week following an investigation that proved she was heavily involved in the use of witchcraft.The University of South Carolina Student Code of Conduct specifically prohibits the employ of witchcraft for academic gain. Punishments for violating […]

5 Ways Harris Pastides Would Make America Great if Elected President of the United States

As you may or may not have heard, Election Day is right around the corner. So, in honor of the Great American Tradition of mudslinging, pandering, and arguing about what our long-dead forefathers would have thought about technology they have no possibility of comprehending, let’s talk about some changes our beloved President Pastides would make […]

Out-of-Touch USC Students Struggle to Make Sense of Cockstock Lineup

Following the announcement that the Cockstock 2016 headliner would be Atlanta-based hip-hop duo Rae Sremmurd, several out-of-touch USC students expressed confusion as to who the duo is, and what that could possibly mean for their Homecoming experience. “What the hell is a Sremmurd and what is it doing on campus?” asked bewildered accounting major, Sam […]

6 Foolproof Tricks to Avoid Small Talk Around USC’s Campus

Everyone is avoiding someone. Maybe it’s that freshman year hookup that you dread making eye contact with as you cross paths in front of Russell House, more likely it’s a friend of a friend with whom you share a relationship permanently arrested in the, “I don’t really know you, but I know you too well […]

Thousands of South Carolina Students Afraid to Show Ankles in Public

Popular USC fashion as of late has seen a rising trend among male students on campus. The style of donning Nike socks pulled halfway up the shin has dominated the past couple years. While most of the general public is ambivalent to the popularity of this fashion, some have expressed concern that the trend of […]