Cala Adair

Cala Adair

Strom Thurmond Fitness Center Renamed in Honor of Sindarius Thornwell

Following last night’s 88-81 upset over Duke, University of South Carolina President Harris Pastides announced the Strom will be renamed to honor Thornwell.

The Definitive South Carolina Pre-Spring Break To-Do List

Spring break is so close we can almost taste it. But, there are still a few things to get done before the week of freedom is here

South Carolina Basketball Coach Frank Martin Discovers Doorway to the Multiverse Inside His T-Shirt

South Carolina basketball coach Frank Martin receded to the inside of his t-shirt, where he reportedly discovered a magical doorway to the multiverse.

5 Fictional USC Presidents to Celebrate this President’s Day

We’re all very distressed about it, so in honor of this apparently imaginary Federal holiday, here are 5 imaginary University of South Carolina Presidents

QUIZ: Which Photograph of Notable Angry Person, Will Muschamp, Are You?

We've all seen many shades of Muschamp, but we all have that burning feeling to know exactly which one we are each all like.

QUIZ: Which Five Points Bar Are You?

Five Points is the shiny gleaming crown jewel of Columbia, provided that crown jewel is a host for indecent exposure and public urination.

Columbia Bartender of the Week: Nathan from Jake’s

We sat down with Nathan from Jake's to ask him all about injuries, 7-year-olds, and cool drunks!

Students Stage “Wintervention” for South Carolina Winter

The intervention, led by junior Adam Messina, was staged in order to combat the high fluctuation of temperatures typical of a South Carolina winter.

6 Things You Won’t Miss About South Carolina’s Campus Over Winter Break

So as you limp through finals with the energy of a one-legged Galapagos tortoise, here’s a reminder of all the things you won’t miss once you’re out of here

Gamecock to Loon: Tips for South Carolina Students Moving to Canada

They've got everything from goofy wildlife to the hunkiest Prime Minister in North America. So we put together tips on how to make your transition smoother!