Caleigh Teahan

Caleigh Teahan


UO Frat Guy’s List of People to “Bump” Cigarettes From Decreases with New Tobacco Law

Fraternity brother, Keith Stone’s, list of bros to bump cigarettes from at parties takes a drastic hit after Lane County’s new tobacco law went into effect.

5 Bruises Every UO Student Has After Sylly Week

Although sylly week is stress free, and the all around best week of the term, our favorite week also takes a major toll on our bodies and spirits.

5 Bad Habits UO Students Will Never Break

It’s finally spring term! Just when it seems like we’re finally getting the hang of it, there are still some bad habits you are bound to keep doing.

UO Daddy Of The Week: Parker

Our first daddy is the fun and vain Parker Belan. You may recognize him as the guy shaken up drinks and trouble at Taylor’s on the weekends!

6 Spots Around UO to Have a Quickie

Unfortunately, not everyone has the patience and self-control to make it back to their own rooms to start ripping each other's clothes off.

If UO Students Were the Buildings on Campus

Have you ever wondered what type of students the buildings on University of Oregon's campus would be if that was possible?

What Your Favorite UO Drunk Food Spot Says About You

It's 1 a.m. and you just want something to eat. Everyone’s got a favorite drunk food spot and what you choose says a lot about the type of person you are.

These UO Valentine’s Day Cards Say A Lot About What Your Night Will be Like

Some lucky ducks have a boyfriend or girlfriend they can hang with while others will be spending it with their special friend, a bottle of wine.

6 Ways to Spot a Duck Who Is NOT Prepared For Midterms

Whether they have left everything to the last minute or given up all hope of passing, the unprepared student is easy to spot.

UO Students Surprised by Midterms They Knew Were Coming

With week four upon us, professors out to mentally and emotionally hurt their students have already set dates within the week for a midterm.