Caleigh Teahan

Caleigh Teahan


What Your Favorite UO Drunk Food Spot Says About You

It's 1 a.m. and you just want something to eat. Everyone’s got a favorite drunk food spot and what you choose says a lot about the type of person you are.

These UO Valentine’s Day Cards Say A Lot About What Your Night Will be Like

Some lucky ducks have a boyfriend or girlfriend they can hang with while others will be spending it with their special friend, a bottle of wine.

6 Ways to Spot a Duck Who Is NOT Prepared For Midterms

Whether they have left everything to the last minute or given up all hope of passing, the unprepared student is easy to spot.

UO Students Surprised by Midterms They Knew Were Coming

With week four upon us, professors out to mentally and emotionally hurt their students have already set dates within the week for a midterm.

Concerned UO Student Enters Third Week of Not Seeing Her Roommate

UO Sophomore Emily Smith has entered week three without seeing her roommate, Karen Billings, since the Monday before the start of winter term.

The Syllabus Week Drinking Game: Eugene Addition

Syllabus week is the only week of the year that won’t affect your grades, so we express our academic freedom by consuming masses amounts of alcohol.

7 Things UO Students Need to STOP Doing in 2017

The UO student body is going to need to make some changes if we want to make it out of 2017 alive, and it starts when we stop doing these things.

7 Places on UO’s Campus to Have a Mental Breakdown

The final grade calculator says you’re going to need over 150% percent on the final to get an A in the class, a breakdown is almost inevitable.