Caleigh Teahan

Caleigh Teahan


6 Things You Should’ve Yelled at Your Roommates Earlier in the Semester

Like every Oregon student, you spent this past school year annoyed by basically everything your roommate, or roommates, did.

UO Frat Boy Blinds Partygoer with Thighs While Wearing Chubbies

Tragedy struck Eugene at a day fade this past Memorial Day weekend when UO senior, Bryan Adams, decided to wear his freshest pair of Chubbies to a dayger.

5 Things to Do on the Willamette this Memorial Day

Summer is almost upon us, and every duck knows what that means. It’s time to blow up your gas station floaties and head to the river for a day of drinking.

UO Sorority Girl Considers Cutting off Limb to Lose Weight for Shasta

As a preemptive measure to Shasta, sorority girls, including UO junior Melissa Bell, try losing weight before the event in an attempt to be more "fuckable."

University of Oregon to Change Name Due to High Enrollment of California Students

Numbers have significantly increased and there are now more California students attending than Oregon students this coming year.

Starter Packs for Every University of Oregon Student

Whether you’re frat star livin’ or international student chillin’, here are some starter packs to help you identify your fellow classmates.

UO Frat Guy’s List of People to “Bump” Cigarettes From Decreases with New Tobacco Law

Fraternity brother, Keith Stone’s, list of bros to bump cigarettes from at parties takes a drastic hit after Lane County’s new tobacco law went into effect.

5 Bruises Every UO Student Has After Sylly Week

Although sylly week is stress free, and the all around best week of the term, our favorite week also takes a major toll on our bodies and spirits.

5 Bad Habits UO Students Will Never Break

It’s finally spring term! Just when it seems like we’re finally getting the hang of it, there are still some bad habits you are bound to keep doing.

UO Daddy Of The Week: Parker

Our first daddy is the fun and vain Parker Belan. You may recognize him as the guy shaken up drinks and trouble at Taylor’s on the weekends!