Caroline Lake

Caroline Lake

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7 Signs You’re A 10 In The Midwest But A Gremlin Everywhere Else

If you're a nocturnal, horned, disease-mongering creature, aka, a Gremlin, you can still make Midwesterners fall head over heels for you.

SHOCKING: Girl Doesn’t Give a F*** to Go to Lollapalooza

As Lollapalooza returns to the Windy City, most of Chicago is buzzing with anticipation, except for one rising Columbia junior, Laura Hughes.

The Judgmental Map of Orinda, CA

Take a gander at the map below to delve into the quaint world that is Orinda. God forbid anyone pulls out a leaf blower.

The 7 Most Half-Assed Ways To “Keep In Touch” With College Friends Over Summer Break

Here are seven ways to half-ass maintaining your college friendships while you’re home for the summer.

Columbia Senior Fondly Watches Man Blow Chunks on Red Line During Last Commute to Class

Barnes’ final 15-minute journey to class was made memorable as a man sitting three seats down tossed his cookies all over the floor of the train. How nice.