Caroline Moore

Caroline Moore


Reggie’s Hex Continues to Mysteriously Transport Upperclassmen Inside

Further investigation on the science behind the hex is to be decided. For now, be careful where you step in Tigerland. You might just end up in your freshman year all over again.

LSU Students Shocked After Realizing Spring Break Wasn’t The Best Week Ever

This past week, LSU students were finally able to enjoy the spring break most college students had a month ago. Spring Break is one of the most hyped holidays for college students. Since New Year's students have been dieting and jogging and tanning and drinking to prepare for the week of April 10-17.

6 Laws LSU Students Break Every Weekend In Tigerland

While LSU is a well-respected establishment, at times our students can have some pretty disrespectful moments. As hard as we try, something about Tigerland brings out our inner degenerate. Next time you go out in Tigerland, take a shot for every one of these 6 laws you’ve broken at some point.   6.) Loitering: On […]

QUIZ: Which Baton Rouge Bar Are You?

Take our quiz to figure out which Tigerland hot spot should be the one you call home!

LSU Baseball Team Releases Balloons for Rally Possum Anniversary

With the start of LSU Baseball season in full swing, the team has had a certain mammal on their minds. We at The Black Sheep spoke with LSU’s pitcher, Jared Poche, for details on where the rally possum is today.

Old Row To Abstain From Posting Nudes For Lent

This week, Old Row has officially put its Lenten promise into action. The website, known to be the source of all things Greek, Southern, and debaucherous, has decided to clean up some of its content in solidarity with its many Christian followers.

Senior At Frat Tailgate Falls Down In Keg Stand, Reputation Ruined

This past weekend in New Orleans, a senior in an LSU fraternity that wishes to remain nameless fell down during a keg stand. The tragic accident shocked not only the pledge class, but the lowerclassmen as well. We at The Black Sheep spoke with members of the fraternity to learn more.

6 Perfect Places For An LSU Tinder Date

There’s a certain shame that comes with any Tinder-related encounter. Tinder users’ bios often say, “We can lie about how we met,”-- but why? It’s 2017!

6 Places to Live at LSU When Daddy Cuts You Off

What would you do without Daddy? Daddy sends you money for Bogie’s and bongs. Daddy finances your electric bill, pays off your MIP, and bankrolls your ski trip to Vail. But what would you do if Daddy cuts you off after finding out how much weed you bought with your Christmas money?

7 Best LSU Pick Up Lines

Many say romance here at LSU is dead. They say love is lost in a world where the term “Shacker Sundays” exists. We hopeless romantics at The Black Sheep have come up with a solution for all of you emotionally-numb students out there. With these seven pick up lines, you are sure to land anyone–from […]