Casey Oliva

Casey Oliva

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Florida State University
5 Things that Make More Sense than Miami’s Game-Winning Touchdown

Miami DID NOT deserve that bogus win. Despite the clear truth of that play, the outcome made no sense. Here are some things that make WAY more sense...

6 People You Don’t Want to See Together on Your Snap Map at 3 a.m. in Tallahassee

Snap Map is a cool and dangerous thing, where you can stalk your loved ones and see what they’re doing without being weird upfront.

How To Get Away With Ted Cruzin’ In Strozier

Sometimes the only thing that makes you feel better is fapping on a day dedicated to one of the most somber times in your nation’s history.

QUIZ: Are You A Cool Question of The Week or Do You Have a Stick Up Your A*$?

FSU finally decided it wasn’t a one-user-interface kinda dude. Take this quiz to find out which problematic school system you should stand behind.

5 Easy Steps for Turning Your Degraff Dorm into a Nuclear Bunker

If you find yourself away at college when the bombs start dropping, here are some solutions for turning that cinderblock prison into a weapon-proof bunker.

6 Meals You Can Afford On a College Budget That Even Raccoons Won’t Touch

You only have gummy bears, tomato paste, and a 4 Loko in the fridge? Your roommate goes on a Chopped bender and then thinks he’s Bobby Flay.

QUIZ: What to Name the Salley Hall Cockroach You Will Unwillingly Adopt Into Your Home

Salley Hall greets the young hopefuls looking to make their mark on FSU with its homey jailhouse charm and its innumerable species of “roommates.”

The 7 Fresh Hells of Fort Lauderdale, FL

It seems like a great place, until you realize “We live where you vacation” is just something we tell ourselves to justify being settled down here.