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Cassidy Payne

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Virginia Tech
15 Things to Get Your Grubby Hands on Before You Leave

You’ll need a souvenir to remind you of how hard you worked this semester. Plus, we’re pretty sure your tuition covers it. So go ahead and take.

If Virginia Tech Bars Had Realistic Slogans

We love our bars, that’s why we’ve decided to give our bar buddies some help by offering them some honest slogans they might want to consider.

QUIZ: Which Notable Virginia Tech Alumni Are You?

If you’ve ever wondered what notable alumni you would’ve been in an alternate universe, take this quiz to find out:

$25 Million Mystery Donor Turns Out To Be Sands’ Sugar Daddy

On April 2, Virginia Tech News reported a $25 million ~private~ donation had been made towards President Sands’ campus expansion project

7 Ways To Kill Time While Waiting in the TOTS Line

If you're among the few who’ve mastered the scheduling of your classes around TOTS Tuesday to accommodate your Wednesday hangovers, this is for you.

A Drunk Review of All Things Virginia Tech

It’s our turn to start grading you on your shit. No studying necessary, this is simply a review of the good, the bad, and the interstate.

7 Things You Fool Yourself into Believing About Virginia Tech

Yes there are all lies that have come straight for your mouth –much like these lies that we tell ourselves everyday about Virginia Tech.

Hokie Thank You Notes To Our “Favorite” VT Figures

Take the time to thank those little quirky things that you might have found yourself missing while you were lounging in the sand or on your parents’ couch.

Tech Incoming Freshmen Excited to Tell Each Other How Unique They Are

The only reason why we can make fun of them is because we used to be them...but welcome to Virginia Tech, future little Hokies!

An Open Poem to President Sands for Not Tweeting Us Back

Sands, there something that has us really stressin', we don’t want to have to break up one of your 6 a.m. ball sessions, so get on track and tweet us back?