Catherine Sweeney

Catherine Sweeney

10 Things You Need to Do Before Saying Goodbye to GV (Forever)

For the Lakers who are moving on to a bigger pond, there’s still plenty to be done before you pack up and say goodbye to Grand Valley.

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We all know finals week is stressful, but if GV would just implement these 5 things, it would make all of our lives so much easier!

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Realistically, you can tell by the looks of us walking to class that we're always angry, but if you really need to piss off a Laker, it's easy!

5 Devious Pranks to Pull at GVSU on April Fool’s Day

Do we really need to say more? Pranking is fun but pranking strangers on campus at GVSU is even funnier!

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Not all things people post on Free & For Sale on Facebook can be helpful. Some items are so strange they’ll have you saying, “WTF!”

6 Places In and Around GV to Chow Down For Only $3

How much money do you have on you right now? Most likely less than $5. But thankfully there are still some places you can eat for cheap around GVSU!

Which GV Landmark Best Describes Your Life After Graduation?

Have you ever thought that Little Mac was your spirit animal? Take this quiz to see if you're right or (most likely) wrong!

Top 10 Things to Steal From the GVSU Lobby Shop

Sometimes stealing from the Lobby Shop's your best option, because, hey, you have to feed yourself cuz the government sure ain’t!

7 Perfect Spots at GVSU to Have a Midterm Meltdown

Exams always get the best of us and for that it's ok to have a major meltdown in a public place, but where are the best spots for your screams of anguish?