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Catie Sedor

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QUIZ: Do You Really Belong at THE Ohio State University Or Are You OU Trash?

Do you belong at Ohio State blocking before football games? Or do you belong on the streets of Athens partying it up with thousands of your closest friends?

5 Alternative Spots To Host Your Next Greek Formal At OSU

#FormalSzn is upon us, which means that sorority girls throughout Columbus are attempting to frantically paint the Sistine Chapel of coolers for their dates they’ve been set up with whose last names they’re not entirely sure of. While many choose to retreat to the mountains of Fratlinburg Gatlinburg for a heavily intoxicated formal weekend, there […]

6 Things You Fool Yourself Into Believing about Ohio State

Ohio State has many things to offer its students, but often times we fool ourselves into thinking these "offerings" are fucking incredible. They aren't.

How To: Bring Spring Break Back To Ohio State

Spring break has come and gone, but the memories will last forever. Well... the memories you recall. Bring them back to you with these helpful tips.

QUIZ: Which Ohio State Bar Are You?

You know what they say: you are what you drink. Take this quiz to find out which Ohio State bar you are on your night out.

QUIZ: Which Pic Of Daddy Meyer Is You After A Night Out?

Urban Meyer is many things: DILF, Daddy, Best Football Coach ever. Take this quiz to see which pic of Daddy best describes your post-partying personality:

10 Pickup Lines Every Buckeye Needs This Valentine’s Day

It's finally here: the night all guys and girls in annoying relationships have waited for; the day of max insta like potential.

5 Things To Do At Too’s Before It Closes (Against Our Will)

The man is truly getting us down by closing one of Ohio State's favorite bars to build hotels and boutiques... because that's what college kids really want.

5 Reasons Why the Buckeyes Should Be In Super Bowl 51 Instead of the Patriots

All sadness would be resolved if the Bucks were given a fighting chance to kick Tom Brady’s ass (who barely even played when he was at Xichigan).

The Definitive Timeline Of A Typical Ohio State Student’s Life

It’s easy to feel like your life is in shambles and you haven’t done anything with your time in college, but have no fear.