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Cecile Brule

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5 Cheap Ways to Acquire UMD Graduation Regalia

That’s why, as a parting gift to all graduating seniors, The Black Sheep is sharing some thrifty, alternative methods for acquiring regalia.

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Nothing sucks more than being surprised by that sock on the door and realizing that you’re stranded.

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While not everyone experiences these stages in the same order; they serve as useful guidelines for mapping your own emotional and mental state.

UMD Majors Renamed to Fit What They Actually Are

Just because a major sounds cool, doesn’t mean it is. In order to help you avoid getting suckered, we’ve provided a few majors with more honest names.

Productive Things You Think You’ll Do Over Maryland’s Spring Break (But Won’t)

This is a great time to be productive and get things done, right? Ha! Spring break is where plans, productivity, and overall responsibility go to die.

QUIZ: What Does Testudo Think of You?

Watching over campus with his wise, copper eyes, Testudo sees and knows all. So let’s see exactly what our lord and savior thinks of you.

The Best Places in College Park to Stuff Your Face for $3

You’ve spent all your money on, well, getting drunk. Our exhaustive research has proven that $3 is more than enough to feed a drunkard in College Park.

The Best Places to Hide a Body at UMD

Your roommate keeps stealing your low-fat yogurt. Someone cut in line at Cornerstone. Your ex makes way too many happy posts on social media.

The 5 Most F*cked Up Things to Ever Happen at Maryland

We’ve taken the liberty of dredging up the most painful, awkward, and downright creepy true stories this campus has to offer.

Will You Find Your Soulmate at UMD Before Valentine’s Day?

This chart is guaranteed to predict whether you’ll spend Valentine’s Day with a special someone or alone, left with nothing but pie to fill the emptiness.