Chael MacKinnon

Chael MacKinnon

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Syracuse University
Juice Jam ‘Filth And Dehydration’ Ticket Package Sells Out

Many SU students are left wondering whether their purchase of Juice Jam's “Filth and Dehydration” ticket package was to blame for the way they felt Monday.  

Top 5 Things Freshmen Have Already Missed Out at Syracuse

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6 Late Night Food Spots Around Syracuse that You Should Definitely Call for Phone Sex

Syracuse is the hub of late night food. Take a seat, foodies! This one goes out to those horny bastards just looking to get down ‘n dirty instead of eat.

6 Things To Do Before You Die Freshman Year at Syracuse

Whether it be the pre-orientation jitters or the first foray into college finals this fall that bring you to your premature death, make sure you get these couple things out of the way first. 

The 7 Hells of Marshfield, Massachusetts

Ah, Marshfield, Massachusetts. Nestled in the South Shore of Massachusetts, right in the armpit of Boston, lies a quaint, little, oceanic getaway.

How To: Out-Awkward Your Way Out of Every Encounter You Have with Hometown Acquaintances

You’re walking around the store in sweatpants and you bump into someone you did not want to see. TBS has a guide to get you through all those moments.

QUIZ: How to Tell Which Genre of Business Casual Your Internship Requires

Do not fret, young corporate world newbie! This quiz will help you discover what exactly you should be wearing in your internship.

Top 6 Sh***y Things About Your Hometown That Remind You of Syracuse

To make living with your parents worse, your hometown landmarks are a constant reminder of a shittier version of your favorite place.