Chancellor Barton

Chancellor Barton


5 Things the Class of 2021 Will Never Know About NAU

This is a list of things from yesteryear that the NAU class of 2021 will live their entire lives knowing nothing about, like the much simpler bus routes.

Louie the Lumberjack is Unfit for Mascot Considering the Environmental Standards Of NAU

Kids are not into Louie like they once were; rather climate-enlightened NAU students now love trees, and wish to keep them rooted into the ground.

5 Rules Every NAU Freshman Should Follow to Join the Lumberjack Brotherhood™

Here are 5 rules every NAU freshman must follow to become a true member of the brotherhood.

5 Things to Get Your Grubby Little Hands on Before Leaving NAU

So, before you walk across that stage and give Rita the finger, remember these five things you’re going to want to get your hands on before leaving.

5 Ways to Harass Incoming NAU Freshmen into Choosing a Different School

Each year, the amount of incoming freshmen continues to increase. This is likely due to Rita Cheng being a money grubbing lizard lady.

5 Pranks to Pull in Cline Before the End of the Semester

While Cline may be just a lame ass building full of dusty old books and slow computers, it's the perfect place to house some shenanigans.

5 Shower Thoughts Every NAU Student Has Had at Least Once

The greatest part about taking a shower is that it allows your mind to wander like a philosopher, isn't that right Lumberjacks?

QUIZ: Will Anyone Invite You to Their NAU Party? (Please?)

Are you the one who hears about all the cool shit your friends did Saturday night? Well this quiz is going to let you know why you never get invited.

6 Things You Fool Yourself into Believing About NAU

For the love of Louie, can we please cut out all the bullshit from the free brochures?  We all witness the lies the campus tour guides tell potential students and parents.  It’s time we stop fooling ourselves and start embracing the reality. 6.) That NAU Sports Teams Are Good: NAU faculty and students love to […]

NAU Daddy of the Week: Joseph Perez

Meet NAU's Daddy of the Week. His name is Joseph Perez, and he likes it dirty if you didn't already know.