Chris Lewis

Chris Lewis

UW Creates “Danger Spaces” in an Effort For Equality

After a surge for "safe spaces" around campus, in a bid for equality, the Madison City Council has announced the creation of “danger spaces".

UW Student Can’t Remember TA’s Name, Fails Midterm

"When I got the exam and looked at the front cover, I realized that there was something important I had forgotten to learn: my TA’s name.”

Top 10 Tips for Cyclists on the UW Campus This Spring

Cycling culture can be a bit complicated, so whether you’re an experienced cyclist or a new rider, here are some tips for cycling on campus:

UW Scrambles to Protect Campus For Teen Heartthrob’s Return

Changes made to accommodate the possible dangerous environment that Jesse McCartney and his lifelong fans bring to the UW campus.

Top 8 Things to do After Your Final Final at UW

As you’re all aware, finals are fast approaching. In this stressful time of exam night terrors and Adderalleine (which is when you take a couple pills of Adderall with a Monster) fueled panic attacks, it is important to remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Here are eight things to look […]

Top 10 Things To Do When Left Alone in Madison Over Thanksgiving Break

Many Badgers are looking forward to next week’s Thanksgiving break as a welcome respite from exam panic and general school anxiety. For most, this short break means returning home to spend time with family and possibly eating the first meal in two months that hasn’t been cooked in a microwave. However, there are some who […]

First Amendment Now Protects Sports Riots at UW as a Form of Expression

Sports fans and hooligans of all kinds are rejoicing on the UW-Madison campus after the University ruled that sports riots are protected under the First Amendment. In the announcement made earlier this week, University spokesperson Karen Johnson explained that acts such as vandalism, looting, and rioting after UW sporting events will be allowed as forms […]

UW Senior Officially Gives Up

UW Senior Eric Fischer wants everyone to know that he has officially given up on school, effective immediately. “After carefully weighing the options, I have decided that school is no longer something that I am interested in pursuing,” explained Fischer. “It all started a couple weeks ago, during midterm exams. I was in the library […]

UW Students Still Confused About Election Despite Numerous Celebrity Explanations

For many UW students, this election year is particularly confusing and exciting because it is their first opportunity to vote in a presidential election. The voting process can be complicated, especially for a first time voter. Luckily, Becky hired celebrities such as Antonio Banderas, known for his roles as Puss in Boots and the Nasonex […]

Single Day of 50 Degree Weather Sparks Mass Exodus of UW Coasties

October is a time of change on the UW-Madison Campus. The leaves shift from bright green to beautiful shades of red and yellow, the birds migrate south for the winter, and the Californians flee to their natural climate. Yes, once again the changing of the seasons brings about another mass exodus of freshman from the […]