Chris Lewis

Chris Lewis

6 Signs You Aren’t Graduating From UW This Semester

There are always a few seniors that catch such a severe case of senioritis that they have to take an extra semester or even *gasp* summer classes.

UW Schedules Statewide Tornado Drill to Work Around Day-Drinking at the Unions

While students and faculty on other parts of campus were going over escape routes and safety precautions, it was business as usual at the Unions.

UW Student Forcibly Removed from Terrace Chair Due to Overcrowding

The chairs' reintroduction last week paired with the warmer weather caused overcrowding at the Terrace. This left no chair to spare and a huge controversy.

In Response to Budget Cuts, UW Dining Halls Take On Corporate Sponsorship

UW Chancellor, Rebecca Blank, has come up with a creative new plan to cut spending and perhaps even create a profit this semester.

UW Senior Creates Perfect Schedule, Will Be Displayed in Chazen For Years to Come

Sarah Davis' scheduling-efficiency has started to get her some attention around campus, particularly Chazen Art Museum Curator, Andrew Halpert.

6 Things We All Fool Ourselves Into Believing About UW-Madison

Everyone wants to believe that their university is the best in the nation, but at a certain point you have to admit even your school has its flaws.

UW Majors Renamed to Fit What They Actually Are

At UW there are so many majors available, so here are some of the least-common ones out there renamed to help you better understand what they actually are.

Top 5 Places to Get Meals for Under $5 at UW

Let’s just face it: we’re all poor. School is hard enough without worrying about where your next meal is coming from, so here are the cheapest places at UW.

10 Reasons Greg Gard is the Ultimate DILF

He's not only know for taking charge of the men's basketball team after Bo Ryan, he's also a stone-cold fox around campus.

UW Creates “Danger Spaces” in an Effort For Equality

After a surge for "safe spaces" around campus, in a bid for equality, the Madison City Council has announced the creation of “danger spaces".