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Christine Em

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UC Santa Barbara
5 Things You’ll Learn Once You Leave Isla Vista For Like, 20 Minutes

Isla Vista is a trap. Once a person comes here, it takes at least two years for him to find a way out. But you already know this! What you might not knowis what it’s like to go where no one has gone before…to venture outside of Isla Vista. So, what will you find? Better […]

5 Fun Places Around IV to Talk to Strangers

Whether it’s because you can to yourself next to a tree or actually meet a perfectly strange human being, the following rendezvous locations are especially great for this sorta shit.

The 5 Most Common Stereotypes Outsiders Peg on Isla Vista Locals

Do you ever just walk around IV, stop and have a staring contest with the mean ass turtle on 65 Sabado, and then think, “what the eff?”

How to: Uphold the Gold Standard of UCSB Social Media

Typical UCSB social media includes lovely photos whereby attractiveness runs rampant, upheld by strict social media codes and expectations.

6 Backpack Essentials to Complete the Sweaty IV Marathon to Class

Biking through Isla Vista to class is a marathon where you’ll maybe definitely need the following just to make it out alive... sweaty but alive.

The Gold, Silver, and Bronze of Sassy Staircases at UCSB

Here are the first and most beautiful steps to get your sass on in and around UCSB. Read on, you gentleman/lady/nonbinary-compliment and scholar, you!

Where to Find Inspiration in Isla Vista

Not all are born with oodles and oodles of consistent creativity. Creativity for some is like having perma-allergies: always there, always screwing with your vision and blocking off your nostrils for no reason like police and streets in IV. To those who don’t know this evil, you seem ridiculous while you attempt to explain what […]

How to Right Good in College

Here's a few tips on righting like a true UCSB college student, starting with getting real stoned and taking a nap.


If you’re an avid UCSB campus-walker, then you’ll be fluent in the weird things that happen when you, god forbid, use your two legs to get somewhere.

Peni, Sharks, Bumper Cars, and Drunk Artistes: An Ode to Parking in IV

If you’ve got a car on this campus, you know it can be a real bitch, but have you ever been able to put your seething fury into the right words?