Claire Stark

Claire Stark

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Michigan State University
8 Campus Starter Packs Every MSU Student Will Understand

Every college has its quirks; if you haven’t picked them up yet, you weren’t looking hard enough.

Baking Your Way to a Ring by Spring

Cuffing season is in full swing, ladies. Hopefully you’ve locked down a man by this time of the year—nothing is more depressing than going ice-skating without a boy on your arm. If you’re a senior, it’s about time to start thinking about settling down with a nice lawyer. Here’s our recipe to whip up an […]

An Email from President Simon About Your Finsta

On different occasions I have danced around answering questions about conduct that debases our community and calls our values into question.

Sorority Confessions: I’m A Liberal

I’m just like you. I wear Lilly and Vineyard Vines. I drink wine spritzers while yelling at younger girls in our sorority. But I'm a liberal.

Six Ways A Srat Rat Like You Can Make the Instagram Explore Page

Your personality, your closest friends, your dreams and passions—nothing says more about a respectable Greek woman than her Instagram account.

How to Communicate with a Potential Fraternity Lover

Now that you’re learning alcohol responsibility, chapter chants, and how not to embarrass your sisters, it’s time to prepare for the best part of the year.

Recruitment Conversation Guide: Crazy Eyes

Welcome to recruitment season, scrubs.

Point-Counterpoint: Brains vs. Bowels

You’re just trying to get through class, but you feel the reckoning. The biggest battle of your life is about to start, it’s brains versus bowels.

What Spartan Moms Say, and What They Mean

If you haven't thanked mom for sending that extra Spartan Cash, you need to, because the texts she sends you mean a lot more than what they say.

A Guide to Spartan Driving Hand Signals [GIFs Inside]

There is nothing more convenient than having your car on campus. If you drive on Michigan State’s campus, you’re surely familiar with these hand signals.