Claudia Connors

Claudia Connors

The Top 5 Mistakes UCF Freshmen Make

You’ve said goodbye to Mom and Dad, decorated your Lake Claire cubicle, and made awkward small talk with your new roommate. You think you’ve got this. But what you don’t know is that soon you’ll be doing a lot of very dumb things. Freshman Knights, read this list of common mistakes to avoid making them. […]

The 7 UCF Students You’ll Get Stuck With During the Hurricane

As the winds and rain start hitting tonight, you’ll look around the room at the people you’re stuck with for the next few days and wonder how you ended up here. Here’s the breakdown of your top-notch Irma survival crew.7.) The Hoarder: This guy normally lives off a diet of Mountain Dew and ramen noodles, […]

The Judgmental Map of UCF

At the largest campus in the nation, you’re going to get lost at some point. You could turn to those boring, old visitor maps—or you could get a real map that will tell you what our campus really looks like. Here’s what the UCF maps would look like if they were made by a student […]

A UCF Freshman’s Tailgate Survival Guide

Tailgate season is a magical time of the year. Classes are canceled, beer is bought in bulk, but you can also make yourself look like an idiotic freshman.

6 Things Only UCF Students Think Are Normal

Every university has its own “normal.” But, at the largest and most diverse campus in the country, we’re bound to see some weird sh*t. Friendly reminder that, yeah, this stuff isn’t normal.6.) Committing Murder for a Rubber Duck: Brother turns against brother during Spirit Splash. Friends, lovers, family members…all bets are off in that big, […]