Colin Craig

Colin Craig

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Ohio State University
Ohio State Student Fakes Own Kidnapping To Get Out of Finals

An Ohio State student faked his own kidnapping to get out of finals week. He may have gotten caught, but the kid's a legend.

How To Make The Best Of The High Street Construction

High street construction has transformed the once poppin' spots between 15th and 17th to no mans land. Don't let the it get you down, though. Make it fun.

14-Year-Old Gets Drunk Off One Natty Light At Ohio State Sibs Weekend

Ohio State sibs weekend is filled with fun bonding, pictures with statue Brutus and high schoolers getting #turnt on Natty Lite with their older sibs.

If Ohio State Bars Had Realistic Bar Slogans

Ohio State has many bars on campus, but they're missing something truly special: slogans that represent their glory and character.

OSU Freshman Kicked Out Of Sorority For Buying Wrong Pair Of Adidas

An OSU freshman has been kicked out of her sorority for buying and wearing the wrong pair of Adidas sneakers, a controversial kick-out.

“Serial Shower Pyscho” Strikes Smith-Steeb Once More

Shower heads are disappearing left and right from one of Ohio State's most prestigious South Campus dorms. While many are confused, none are scared.