Colin Hanner

Colin Hanner

Universities Preemptively Issue Statement on Frats Planning ‘Tiki Torch-Bearing Alt-Right’ Halloween Costumes

Preparing for students to dress up like alt-right protesters from Charlottesville for Halloween, universities denounced "dressing up like a dorky racist."  

College Football Coaches Poll: Who Lasts Longest in a Cage Match?

What Division I coach would ultimately win a Royal Rumble-style cage match with prison-style rules, broadcast live in front of worldwide audiences?

Sophomore Claims Responsibility for #5 Ranking on Princeton Review’s ‘Dankest Campus’ List

One student claimed he is the sole reason behind the jump in the reefer rankings. “I smoked so many G’s- and O’s-worth of weed last year,” said Chad Widman.

WMU’s Tom Flacco Transferring to Be In Brother Joe’s Shadow Elsewhere

Tom Flacco, brother of NFL quarterback Joe Flacco, announced that he will not return to WMU and will instead play in his brother’s shadow elsewhere.  

OSU backtracking Spielman face decal on 50-yard line following lawsuit

Ohio State is backtracking supersizing an image of Spielman's face and plastering it on the 50-yard line at the Shoe for home games this season.