Colton Quintana

Colton Quintana


6 Buildings On NAU’s Campus To Flip Off Before You Leave

If you’re traveling home, there are some things about NAU's campus everyone will miss. However, there are things that no one will ever miss.

6 Things That’ll REALLY Piss Off Any NAU Student

No one has easy times in college (except hopeless frat boys), but every once in a while you experience those special little bits that really ruin your life.

Battle of the Ritas: Repulsa vs. Cheng

Anyone who goes to NAU (or reads NAU The Black Sheep's articles) knows that Rita Cheng isn’t everyone’s favorite person.

5 of the Worst People You’ll Only Meet in Flagstaff

It’s understandable that you will find the need to get along with most people you meet during your time at NAU, but some people are just the worst.

Tour Group Tramples NAU Students Outside Student Union

Recently, there has been a noticeably large number of tour groups wandering around campus. Groups of confused high-schoolers walking around with their even more confused parents can be seen all over. They are taking up the walkways, and asking to be let into the residence halls after they wander off from their tour group. It’s […]

5 of the Best Ways to Spend Spring Break in Flagstaff

For those of you who will be stuck in this gluten-free town for a week with no friends to keep you busy, we put together some activities for you.

5 of the Best Spots in Flagstaff to Stuff Your Drunk Face for $5

Everyone likes to party on campus here in Flagstaff. Sometimes you just get real hungry after five shots of vodka (for some reason).

NAU Students Reverting Back to Middle School Tendencies After Blink-182 Concert Announcement

It was recently announced that the spring concert at NAU will be everyone’s favorite 2000’s skate punk group, Blink-182. Many people are obviously very excited about this event, but there has been another surprising trend among some Lumberjacks. It seems that NAU students are reverting back to their middle school trends and fashion. Students are […]

7 Louie the Lumberjack Inspired Pick Up Lines Sure to Get You Laid this Valentine’s Day

Everyone knows and admires the rugged lumberjack Louie, and some people even are a little more than admirers when it comes to this bearded beauty.

Top 5 Spots To Rip Shots on NAU’s Campus When Your Future is Bleak

For those of you who are more inclined to do a bit of partying during the week, we’ve rounded up the best spots to do that while going about your day.