Connor Hayes

Connor Hayes

An Open Letter to “All of the Above”

Dear All of the Above,As awful as taking a multiple choice exam is, it’s relatively straightforward. We frantically search for the answer that sounds best while the nervous sweats are kicking  in and the process of chewing our fingernails to the nub is on full-blast. We choose, hopeful, and then move along to the next […]

6 Masterpieces Only Found at the E.L. Tin Can

The Tin Can is East Lansing's newest bar, and we took the liberty of breaking it in for you. Here are the top seven drawings on the Tin Can chalkboard.

MSU Spring Game Predictions

With the annual Spring Game between MSU and MSU going down tomorrow, The Black Sheep used our psychic powers to predict what exactly will take place.

MSU Hoops Fans Embrace Debate Team’s Final Four Run

Michigan State basketball fans got a much needed pick-me-up last weekend when MSU’s debate team made the Final Four in the National Debate Tournament.

An Open Letter to Tommy Toughnuts Driving His Bike in the Middle of the Road

While it’s admirable that you have picked up bike riding as a hobby, we’re sorry to inform you that you have no business being on the fucking road.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Mediocre Reviews

MSU's Broad Museum finally made it's big film debut in the Batman v Superman movie. We knew it would be bad, but we didn't expect it to be... this bad.

How to Watch March Madness Now That MSU Lost and Your Bracket is Garbage

So your bracket is garbage and your heart is broken. Here are some tips to make March Madness a little easier.

Student Lands Prolific Job Offer through Anonymous MSU Email Offer

MSU student Barney Gregerson is living an extremely comfortable life these days, as he was able to pick up a lucrative part-time job earlier this semester.

8 Reasons MSU Deserves to be a 1-Seed

On Sunday, the NCAA selection committee absolutely boned Michigan State by giving them a 2-seed in the tournament.

Each Big Ten Basketball Team’s Biggest Regret This Season

Here are each team’s regrets bigger than pulling that drunken, late night tramp that reminds you of SpongeBob Squarepants.