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Cooper Gelb

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The 5 Spookiest Myths and Legends We’ve Heard About DePaul

The Black Sheep has done our best to categorize all the myths and mysteries we could get our creepy little hands on. You’re welcome.

How to F*** Jesse McCartney When He’s Here for FEST

To the delight of pre-teen girls and DePaul students everywhere, Jesse McCartney, musical heartthrob of the early 2000s, will sing on our very own Quad May 26th.

Top 5 DePaul Themed Scented Candles

We created some of our own DePaul-themed scented candles. Here’s our favorite scents!

The 4 Gayest Places at DePaul to Escape All The Heteros

Despite our Catholic roots, we have a vibrant gay community. Here are the gayest places at DePaul, in case you need to get away from all the heteros.

Nerds Actually Excited About Star Wars Episode IX 2019 Release Date, As Though We Won’t All Be Dead by Then

To the delight of nerds across the county,  . The much-anticipated film will be released May 24, 2019, assuming we’re all still alive. The film will serve as the ninth installment of the saga that began in 1977, should society as we know it still exist as far afield as 2019.still a lot we don’t […]

DPU Republicans Triggered by DePaul’s Oppressive Liberal Values

DePaul is a private university whose population is overwhelmingly white and wealthy. However, many Republicans at DePaul are starting to worry that they chose the wrong school.

QUIZ: Which DePaul Bar Are You?

DePaul University might seem like a bastion of studiousness and scholarly behaviors, but a little-known fact about our student body is that it actually fosters a thriving bar culture. Our Lincoln Park campus is surrounded by bars. From Kelly’s Pub, to the bar across from Kelly’s Pub, here’s The Black Sheep’s quiz to which of […]

The Four Main Reasons DePaul Isn’t In The Final Four

Did you know our bball coach's salary is only $586,751? He only receives half a million dollars worth of our tuition to manage a sport that no one cares about.

QUIZ: How Bad is Your 6:00p.m. St. Patrick’s Day Hangover Going to Be?

St. Patrick’s Day is here and that means one thing: Day drinking. St. Patrick’s Day might’ve once been a legitimate way to celebrate one’s Irish heritage (maybe), but today it continues a great American tradition: any  excuse to get trashed. Usually, because you’ve been drinking since 9:00a.m. on St. Patrick’s Day, by 6:00p.m. you’ve got […]

14 WEIRD Coincidences Between St. Vincent and St. Patrick That Will Make You Say OMG WTF!

Most DePaul students don’t realize that there are many mysterious similarities between St. Patrick and our own beloved St. Vincent DePaul.