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Cooper Gelb

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Diversity Win: Every Oscar Category has a Single Token Minority

During the 2015 and 2016 Oscars, not a single actor of color was nominated for an award. Fortunately, that has changed with this year’s award show.

If DePaul Buildings Were STDs

DePaul loves to not talk about STDs so much we thought we'd trick you into learning about them through comparison to our campus buildings. Enjoy!

5 Highly Intellectual Things DePaul Students Did Instead of Watch the Super Bowl

Only a very small percentage of our student body wasted their time this weekend watching the World Cup or whatever was on ESPN.

The Official DePaul Public Safety Email Drinking Game

DePaul's Public Safety Dept. is just fun gossip about crimes instead of actual safety information, so here’s a drinking game to celebrate their uselessness.

Bee Movie, But Every Time They Say “Bee” A Bee Colony Dies

Bee Movie, the cinematic masterpiece of comedian and modern-day Kubrick, Jerry Seinfeld, has been transformed into one of 2017’s most poignant memes. However, Bee Movie actually contains a powerful environmentalist message highlighting humanity’s horrendous mistreatment of bees. To help some of the film’s more casual viewers understand its depth and beauty, and its strong commentary […]

The A**hole’s Guide to the DePaul Art Museum

We formally recommend that students stay away from any art that may inspire thought or emotion as it leads to dangerous ideas about improving the world.

QUIZ: We’ll Guess Your DePaul Dorm Based On What You Did This Weekend

From the nerds of Seton, to the degenerates of Corcoran, this is The Black Sheep’s best guess as to your dorm based on your weekend.

The Stu Offers 3 Veggie Options And They’re All Trash

Many a DePaulian will spend two weeks eating the sludge that the STU cafeteria calls vegetables, then quietly abandon their newfound veganism.

How to Get Off on the One F****ing Day We Have Off

DePaul fails to celebrate almost every federal holiday, including President’s Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, and Indigenous People’s Day.


A little known fact about DePaul University is that, despite its heavily Catholic background, it has a thriving BDSM community.