Cooper Gelb

Cooper Gelb

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DePaul University
The Stu Offers 3 Veggie Options And They’re All Trash

Many a DePaulian will spend two weeks eating the sludge that the STU cafeteria calls vegetables, then quietly abandon their newfound veganism.

How to Get Off on the One F****ing Day We Have Off

DePaul fails to celebrate almost every federal holiday, including President’s Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, and Indigenous People’s Day.


A little known fact about DePaul University is that, despite its heavily Catholic background, it has a thriving BDSM community.

DePaulante’s Inferno: The 9 Circles of Finals Hell

For those you who don’t know, because of DePaul University’s Catholic faith, God punishes our academic sins in the style of Dante’s Inferno.

DePaul’s 2016-17 Basketball Team Hotness Ranking Based Entirely on Names

Since they’re always practicing their hyper-masculine sport no one at DePaul has ever seen them, so we ranked their hotness entirely based on their names.

Vincentian Values: Un-American?

Vincentian values are values of community, of service, of reflection and prayer, of celebration. Sounds pretty UN-AMERICAN to us!

How to Make the Least Depressing Thanksgiving Dinner from Stu Ingredients

To help with that, here is The Black Sheep’s guide to making your own perfect Thanksgiving dinner by using only free stuff you can steal from the STU.

Top 5 Places To Set Up A Glory Hole at DePaul

This is for those DePaulians who want nothing more than to slide their penis into a small hole so that an unknown person can go to town on it from the other side.