Dan Rafuse

Dan Rafuse

Staff Writer

University of Massachusetts
Bartender of the Week: Dan at Applebee’s

Hang out and have a drink with Dan at your local neighborhood Applebee's we guess.

Dos and Don’ts of UMass Finals Week

Finals week: when UMass students struggle really hard for three months and then do just enough to get by during the most important week of the semester.

A Drunk Review of All Things UMass

It’s only fair that our population of often drunk students be given an opportunity to share their voice with the university.

6 Gifts No College Student Wants This Holiday Season

Everybody loathes having the excitement of opening presents completely ruined by a gift that is too lame to comprehend.

6 Reasons UMass’ Campus Made You Late for Class

There are a million typical reasons for you to be late to class, but for students at UMass Amherst, the list is a little more, uhhh unique.

6 Reasons To Be Thankful You Don’t Go To UNH

While you're stuffing your face with turkey and potatoes think about the one thing you should be most thankful for; not going to UNH.

5 Ways UMass Amherst Students Can Spice Up The Mid-Semester Doldrums

Every semester has the same arch of work. You do nothing for four week, then midterms roll around and you bust your ass for five days. Repeat.

Chainsmokers Celebrate “Closer” Being Played for the Trillionth Time at One Frat

Theta Chi Fraternity’s Syracuse chapter congratulated EDM sensation The Chainsmokers yesterday for reaching one trillion plays of their hit song “Closer.”

5 Changes Subbaswamy Would Make If Elected President

What if the fate of the U.S. was in the hands of our beloved Chancellor Subbaswamy? What kinds of changes would he make to spruce the country up a bit?

UMass Student Horrified by Amherst College Tailgate

Paul Johnson, a junior at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, bit off more than he could chew last weekend when he wandered out Southwest.