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Dan Rafuse

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Sean Hannity: A White House Slumber Party Memoir

The following are entries pulled from my diary (yes, I have a diary, don’t laugh) that I wrote during my very luxurious Trump White House slumber party. Their purpose is to inform you, the little people, that life in rich, white America is far superior to the lives you sad poors lead. I hope you […]

Isenberg Students Remain in Punta Cana to Teach Business to Locals

While most of their peers returned to UMass after spring break, a number of Isenberg students voluntarily stayed behind in Punta Cana, Dominican.

Middle Class Stockpiling Herbal Remedies Following Obamacare Repeal

Recently, doctor-happy individuals whose health insurance plans allowed them to afford frequent visits to physicians for every little tummy ache could walk into any hospital, pay a $20 copay and receive top-notch treatment. Now sick low-income Americans will have to pay outrageous rates to be seen by a doctor when the new Republican-backed American Healthcare […]

Amherst Obituaries: Blarney Blowout 2017

Blarney Blowout died tragically on March 4, 2017 at the hands of university martial law. Blarney will be remembered as the premiere day drink of the year.

Southwest to Become Sanctuary For Dozens Of Party Refugees from Neighboring Campuses

The action is being seen as a response to the administration’s parking and “travel” ban that will be made effective campus wide from March 3rd to 5th.

5 People You’ll Try (and Fail) to Avoid at Monkey Bar This Weekend

It's always wise to know what you're getting into because, three Red Headed Sluts later, you could be unconsciously mingling with the crowd.

5 Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day the UMass Way

Concerned what to do this Valentine’s Day? Here are 5 sure-fire ways to ensure your day at UMass is not spent pulling your hair out or crying.

Elizabeth Warren Placed In Timeout For Talking Back To A Man

The Senate floor became a scene of contention Tuesday night when Senator Elizabeth Warren (D) of Massachusetts was barred from quoting a letter by Coretta Scott King. The decision to prevent Warren from continuing was made by Mitch McConnell (R) of Kentucky because she talked back to him even though he is a man. It […]

UMass Student Loses UCard On Purpose Just For the Facebook Likes

After a long Friday night of drinking pitchers of Grateful Deads at Stackers, UMass senior Christian Cooke lost his UCard...on purpose.

The Definitive Timeline of a Typical UMass Student’s Life

Take a look at what UMass students have been drinking and accomplishing, organized by each year they’ve been a student here.