Daniel Menagaz

Daniel Menagaz

QUIZ: Which Cal Professor Are You Smarter Than?

Well? Which one? Sure is good that there’s a way to even the playing field: Trivia! Which UC Berkeley professor could you beat in a game of Jeopardy? WATCH: For some, spring break is about partying on the beach. For others, it’s about wallowing in despair:

10 Ways To Find a Seat In Moffitt Library

Despite being the most ridiculed library on campus, Moffitt somehow contains the population of a small city literally every hour of the day. Finding a seat is an objective impossibility. Only students willing to employ the most extreme tactics are successful in securing a coveted spot there. Are you one of these seat-finding super-students? See […]

11 Facts Tour Guides Didn’t Tell You About UC Berkeley

How many of these facts do you know?

QUIZ: Where’s The Worst Place to Shit Your Pants At Berkeley?

It’s gonna happen. Sorry, but it’s gonna happen. Oh god, it’s going to happen. Please, god, don’t let this happen.WATCH: Being in Business School is actually really really hard you guys.     

Heartbreaking! Cal Students Trolled by Sad, Lonely Man

This President's Day, Cal students were trolled once again... This time by a billionaire who has nothing better to do than live-stream.