David Kolesar

David Kolesar

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Western Michigan University
The Top Places to Sled at WMU

For WMU students, sledding is among the top winter activities. To spice up a winter favorite, The Black Sheep gives you the top places to sled at WMU.

Bartender of the Week: Old Goat Tavern’s Jessica

We interview Jessica from Old Goat Tavern for our Bartender of the Week feature.

How to Celebrate Finals Week in Kalamazoo

But what is the best way to celebrate exams? The Black Sheep is here to assist you with some celebratory ideas on how to celebrate finals week in Kalamazoo.

How to Get Away With Murder In a WMU Snowball Fight

Have you watched too many Dexter episodes? Do you have serial killer tendencies? We're here to tell you how to get away with murder in a WMU snowball fight.

Top 10 Things WMU Freshmen Would Do if Left Alone on Campus Over Break

Holiday break is right around the corner, and The Black Sheep came up with a list of what we think would happen if the freshmen were left alone on campus.

The Different Zones of WMU

Having some sort of organizational system when it comes to social status is a necessity in college. The Black Sheep created the different zones of WMU.

The Worst Places to Put Your Weiner On WMU’s Campus

Penises are unpredictable and this can be an issue. To ensure your junk's safety, we created a list of the worst places to put your penis on WMU's campus.

Kalamazoo CentraCare to Launch Rent-an-Elder

fter the success of the SPCA's Rent a Puppy event, the President of Kalamazoo CentraCare facility, Marie McDonald, launched Kalamazoo Rent an Elder.

WMU Halloween Party Gone Wrong

The Black Sheep recovered a journal excerpt from what seems to have been a WMU Halloween party gone wrong.

The Black Sheep’s Guide to Exorcisms Like a Pro

With some time to spare before Halloween, it’s time to purge the demons from your spooked Main Street townhome.