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Dean Paul

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DePaul University
Is DePaul The Right Choice For You?

The hardest choice you’ll make as a high school senior is where to go to college. So, we have 6 questions to ask yourself before accepting DePaul's bid.

7 Reasons Why The Quarter System Totally Rocks!!

Isn’t it awesome that when other schools have to take federal holidays off we get to go to school? School is cool!

4 Ways to Avoid DePaul Debt Besides Death

The tolling of the tuition bill bell is nigh this quarter, and the best way to fight any hindrance is to be proactive.

Bad Smell At Stu Just Stu Worker’s Unwashed, Putrid Asshole

Many people have theories for what that smell in the Stu might be. If you ask us, it’s probably just the putrid, unwashed asshole of that one Stu worker.

The DePauli Code: Uncovering The REAL Vincentian Mission

So you’ve got the corpse of our school’s prophet. Awesome. What now, you ask?

Nine Naughty Things To Do On The Brown Line

You daring exhibitionists may feel the need to act on certain urges in public. What better place to perform your dirty desires than on the Brown Line?

Catholic Freshmen Quickly Learning DePaul is Less Catholic, More “Devil’s Pleasure Pit”

DePaul University: the largest Catholic university in the United States? Or America’s largest filthy, disgusting sinhole? DePaul freshmen weigh in.

Important Details on the DePaul Trout Pestilence of 2016

Seriously, why are there trout everywhere?

7 Reasons Why Your Explore Chicago Professor Thinks You’re a Total F*cking Loser

You’re going into the fourth week of classes and things couldn’t be worse. You have no friends, your grades are terrible, and your peers won't sit with you.

How To Become The Step-Father Your Roommate Never Wanted

You could try to make some friends, but as a 45-year-old man, things can be difficult! Your best bet is to start a new family.