Derrick Chariker

Derrick Chariker

Pastides to Cancel Baseball Program If No Championship Is Won

The state of South Carolina has caught championship fever. South Carolinians are finding something to be proud of something other than "Southern Heritage".

Which Beer Best Describes USC Men’s Basketball Players?

For the first time since however long ago Alex English used to play for the Gamecocks, the University of South Carolina is actually excited about basketball

USC vs. USC: Top 5 Reasons SoCar is Better than SoCal

A debate has raged since the dawn of time (or at least 1880)— which USC is the real USC?

5 Ways for Gamecocks to Celebrate an Authentic Mardi Gras

Not like those hoity-toity folks at LSU, more like your regular bayou folk. Here are five ways Carolina students can be true saleaus and saloppes.

USC Basketball Emerges as Latest Bandwagon Team

South Carolina has had a phenomenal season, currently ranked #21 in the nation, and has emerged as a real contender to play in the NCAA Tournament this year

5 Disgusting Displays of Love Gamecocks Showed This Valentine’s Day

There’s one word to describe Valentine's Day— disgusting. These are the five most disgusting things we saw this Valentine’s Day.

Five People You Met At Last Night’s Super Bowl Party in Columbia

Though the Panthers didn't make it anywhere near the Super Bowl this year, we still love a good excuse to drink and eat things with a lot of cream cheese.

“All-Right” Movement Takes USC Classrooms By Storm

“All answers should be right!” is the battle-cry of the group and their leader, Eric Donaldson, as he leads a protest in front of Gambrell Hall.

 “Amazing and Tough” Candidate Takes USC Student Presidential Election By Storm

Of the many candidates, one stands out from the rest. Eric Donaldson, a junior economics major, has taken it upon himself to “Make the South Rise Again.”

President Pastides Forced to Admit “Clemson Rules, Carolina Drools”

In addition to winning the national championship, Clemson will also be receiving a special accolade from their rivals, the South Carolina Gamecoks.