Derrick Chariker

Derrick Chariker

 “Amazing and Tough” Candidate Takes USC Student Presidential Election By Storm

Of the many candidates, one stands out from the rest. Eric Donaldson, a junior economics major, has taken it upon himself to “Make the South Rise Again.”

President Pastides Forced to Admit “Clemson Rules, Carolina Drools”

In addition to winning the national championship, Clemson will also be receiving a special accolade from their rivals, the South Carolina Gamecoks.

5 Ways For Gamecocks to Prepare to Finals

Death by finals isn’t just a saying. Here are five ways to help you as you attempt to learn twelve weeks’ worth of material in the span of a few days days.

Top 5 Lies Gamecocks Will Tell This Holiday Season

In preparation for the holiday interrogation, here are the five lies you’re probably going to tell this holiday season:

South Carolina Students Attempt First Mass Migration to Canadian Border

Both Clinton and Trump supporters across campus are eager to grapple with Canadian immigration officers.

Top 5 Sexiest Buildings at USC

It’s only natural that another person makes you hot under the collar, but a building? We get it, it’s completely understandable. Buildings are works of art.

5 Halloween Parties You’ll Experience at USC

Halloween: As a kid you begged for candy in a costume that you badgered your mom and dad to buy. In college you trade that costume for a slightly skimpier outfit and that candy for a hangover. So in preparation for higher education’s favorite holiday, here are the five parties you’ll experience during your time […]

Zapp Scooter Gang Terrorizes South Carolina Greek Village

Zapp scooters provide USC students with a quick and easy way to get from point A to point B without the hassle of waiting for a shuttle or an Uber. Recently, The Black Sheep has received reports of a so-called “scooter gang” known as the Frat Daddies terrorizing the Greek Village. The gang formed in […]

5 Things Gamecocks Need to Survive Hurricane Matthew

Hurricanes are bad news, especially for college students. Last year Columbia was hit hard by rains that caused record flooding and thousands of students were left without the bare necessities. So in order to keep you safe, sound, and blissfully intoxicated during Hurricane Matthew, The Black Sheep composed this list, so that you, as a […]

USC Student Challenges Professor to Drinking Contest to Determine Midterm Grades

The fall semester is almost halfway over at the University of South Carolina, meaning midterms are around the corner. While most students can be found in the Thomas Cooper Library studying, one abnormal psychology class can rest easy for their midterm. Bill Connelly, a senior psychology major, has resolved that both he and the rest […]