Desiree DeMarco

Desiree DeMarco

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Florida State University
Can We All Just Agree that HCB is the F*cking Worst?

HCB, fondly dubbed “Huge Classroom Building,” located at 989 Learning Way, is a center of desperation, anguish, and melancholy at Florida State University.

7 Obvious Ways to Tell if Your Significant Other is Cheating On You with Jimbo Fisher

If any of these symptoms manifest in your partner, get the hell out while you still can. Don’t be blindsided and left heartbroken because of Jimbo Fisher.

New Dining Hall “1851” Actually Transports Students to 1851

Thrasher gave the official order to build a new dining hall on campus. 1851, located inside Azalea hall, is now a fantastic alternative to Suwannee.

6 Things You’ll Learn as an Undercover ‘Bama Fan

If you've ever wanted to dive headfirst into the heart of Tuscaloosa, Alabama to uncover the secrets of the infamous Crimson Tide, don't.

How to Make Friends Your First Week at FSU When You’re Just a Chick-fil-A Waffle Fry

We’re all masquerading ourselves as funny and important people, when really, we’re all stale, mushy McDonald’s fries on the inside.

7 Things at FSU That Will Make You Feel Better

Are you in danger of failing one or all of your classes? Did you boyfriend or girlfriend recently dump you and get with that person they told you time...

The 24 Hours Before Your 21st VS. The 24 Hours After Your 21st in Tallahassee

Euphoria. Bliss. Exhilaration. All of these feelings course through your body before every birthday, but your 21st is different, especially when it’s in...

10 Things FSU Students Would Rather Do Than Try Anymore

With a little over three weeks left of the semester, FSU students are truly struggling to keep their shit together. Muffled cries echo throughout campus...

FSU Drinking Game: NITE NOLE Edition

Are you a broke college student? Do you just want to have a fun time while inebriated without getting a notification from Bank of America that your funds...