Devin Nori

Devin Nori

8 Gators You’ll Try (and Fail) to Avoid at Midtown

Midtown brings out the worst in every one of us— but you need to keep an eye out for these Midtown crashers you’re bound to meet each night.

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What better way to start the New Year and cope with the stress of the new semester than making a fool out of yourself around campus to lose the excess flab?

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Though finals suck all remaining life left in you after a god-awful semester, sing off key to distract yourself from the devastating outcome of your GPA.

5 Passive Aggressive Studiers You’ll Find in Marston

In a facility filled with the most ambitious students in their most stressed state, the passive aggressive vibes shoot through the roof when finals hit.

Ranking the Sexiness of UF Basketball Players by Name Only

Solely based on the way their names sounded, we bring you the official roster of UF’s 2016-2017 basketball team from least to most sexy.

Line for UF Study Abroad Office Stretches Down Archer After Election Results

With election results behind us, students have begun exploring their options of escape, leading them all to our UF's lovely Study Abroad Office.

The 6 Walks of Shame You’ll Take Across UF

Your path can take you to some interesting places—most of which you won’t be proud of. Walk in your peers’ shoes and develop an appreciation for their sins.

5 Stages of Turning Into a Human Germ at the University of Florida

At this point in the semester it seems like we’re all dropping like flies, so take your vitamins and eat your veggies because everybody’s getting sick.

If Century Tower Could Talk

If our beloved Century Tower were to open his mouth, we’d all promptly shit ourselves. But what exactly would he divulge if he could drop some knowledge?