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Devin Nori

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The 5 Layers of Finals Hell A.K.A. Marston Library

With finals week quickly approaching, even campus’s least studious will be coming out of the woodworks and making their ways into our libraries.

The Ultimate UF Easter Egg Hunt for Sad Students Who Have Finals

A campus-wide egg hunt has been created for UF students who couldn't go home for Easter. Follow these clues to win the hunt!

Do You REALLY Belong at UF or are you Seminole Trash?

Here's a way to prove whether you truly live the #swamplife or need to take the trail of tears. So take this quiz: UF or FSU?

6 Ways to Survive Now That UF’s Campus Is Hot As Balls Again

After a sweet fourteen minutes of winter, welcome back to the seventh ring of hell, ladies and gentlemen! Florida is back into its natural state of being disgustingly hot, so it’s time to readapt. 6.) Take a Dip in the Reitz Pond: While Broward Pool may sound more sensible in terms of swimming, it lacks […]

6 Reasons the UF Uber Partnership is Totally Gonna Blow

Everyone acts excited about the UF Uber Partnership, but what seems like the biggest blessing since Tebow unfortunately comes with some surprising setbacks.

7 Last Minute Ways to Get UF Dance Marathon Donations

With Dance Marathon a day away, it’s officially crunch time to get to your goal. Here are some helpful tips to reach comma club.

7 Instagram Stars You’ll Find at the University of Florida

With such a heavy focus on media, it’s natural that Insta affects your UF social status. Here are some of the Instagram stars you can expect to like.

The 7 Best UF Netflix Originals

About time that Netflix uses UF experiences as a source of inspiration! Coming soon to a live-stream near you, we present Netflix originals, UF edition.

QUIZ: Which Norman Tunnel Doodle Are You?

Our famed Norman Tunnel is notorious for the ever-changing graffiti on its walls.Take this quiz to find out which Norman Tunnel doodle you identify with!

8 of the Most F*ucked Up Things to Ever Happen in Gainesville

Yeah, Gainesville's a fucked up place to live in sometimes. To satisfy our morbid curiosity, here's a list of UF's worst offenders in recent memory.