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Devin Nori

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QUIZ: Which Norman Tunnel Doodle Are You?

Our famed Norman Tunnel is notorious for the ever-changing graffiti on its walls.Take this quiz to find out which Norman Tunnel doodle you identify with!

8 of the Most F*ucked Up Things to Ever Happen in Gainesville

Yeah, Gainesville's a fucked up place to live in sometimes. To satisfy our morbid curiosity, here's a list of UF's worst offenders in recent memory.

New Midtown Bar, 102 Bantina to Open Soon

After the devastating closure of midtown’s beloved 101 Cantina, rumors run through campus about what could ever take its place. Let's welcome 102 Bantina!

A Judgmental Map of the New and Improved O’Connell Center

UF's new gem, the O'Connell Center, draws Gator fans from far and wide. Make sure you associate yourself with the right section of rowdy reptiles.

A Definitive Timeline of a Typical UF Student’s Life

The four years we spend in college can go by pretty quickly, and thanks to all of the binge drinking it can be hard to remember everything that happened.

A Eulogy to Broward’s Loyal Companion, Ralph the Roach

R.I.P. Ralph the Roach, one of Broward’s own. Know that you will never be replaced and that Broward East Floor 3 will remember your name forever.

The Black Sheep Interviews: A Gumby’s Delivery Boy After Midnight

College towns are notorious for coming to life after sundown. So here's a tribute to Gainesville nightlife's most valuable assets: our UF delivery boys.

8 Gators You’ll Try (and Fail) to Avoid at Midtown

Midtown brings out the worst in every one of us— but you need to keep an eye out for these Midtown crashers you’re bound to meet each night.

5 Gainesville Restaurants to Stumble into When You’ve Got the Drunchies

The palate of a college student consists of two main products: booze and greasy food—drunchies fulfilled only by some of Gainesville’s finest eateries.

5 Ways UF Can Help You Lose that Flabby Holiday Flab

What better way to start the New Year and cope with the stress of the new semester than making a fool out of yourself around campus to lose the excess flab?