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Diane Myers

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The Best Homemade Mother’s Day Gifts For Recent Graduates on a Budget

You want to get your darling mother something beautiful and meaningful this Mother’s Day, but with the amount of student debt you’ve just graduated with, you’re balling on a budget. So, roll up your sleeves and put on your creative caps because you’ll have to get crafty this Mother’s Day:7.) A Bouquet of Flowers: Nothing […]

Meet the Wells Hall Ducks, Class of 2017

For the graduating Wells ducks, the past four (or five) years spent waddling the banks of the Red Cedar were a whirlwind of emotions.

From the Streets of East Lansing: Explain What You Expect Your Summer to Be Like in 5 Words

We asked some folks in East Lansing about their summer plans! Check it out!

8 Lyrics Drake Rhymed When He Heard about Serena’s Pregnancy

We can only image the heartbreak Drake felt when his former boo, Serena Williams, the best woman’s tennis player ever in the entire world, announced her pregnancy with another man. Here’s what went through his head:   8.) “How Beautiful Our Kids Would Be, Girl, I Don’t Need Convincing”: Obviously, Drake began in a state of […]

8 Ways MSU Students Get Arrested Just on Grand River

Spartans get into shenanigans on Grand River on any given night of the week. With those shenanigans comes the MSU Police to keep the peace and kill our buzz

8 Weird Things You Found While Spring Cleaning Your EL Pad

That’s right, it’s spring cleaning. Be warned, you may be shocked by the downright weird things you forgot, or never knew, you had tucked away all winter.

QUIZ: What Kind of East Lansing Spring Enthusiast Are You?

It’s a frenzy of Frisbee throwers, bike riders, and zip-off cargo pant zippers. Take our quiz to find out just what type of spring enthusiast you are:

10 Things You Can Afford After Turning Your Heat Off

The sun is out, the guns are out, and the heat in your home is off! You no longer have to sell your soul to Consumers Energy once a month!

The Top 10 Spots on Grand River to Stuff Your Face for $3

Though you only have three soggy, crumpled dollar bills to call your own, Grand River has provided you with fine establishments to satisfy your hunger needs

10 Other MSU Choices to Make Using a Bracket

Do you ever wish you had a decision-making method in your life to help with the choices that are just too dog-gone hard to make yourself?