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Breitbart Employees Threaten To Leave After Hearing Their Own Thoughts Said Out Loud By Someone Else

A group of Breitbart News employees are reportedly preparing to leave the news organization after a controversial video arose of senior editor Milo Yiannopoulos appearing to defend pedophilia. The employees say they will leave the company if the company refuses to fire Yiannopoulos.“I was disgusted to hear some other guy say my own thoughts said […]

UIUC Frat Blasting Music On Lawn Promises They Aren’t Doing It For Attention

Those interested in hearing any of Omega Epsilon’s music this weekend can just turn down their own music for one second, no matter where they are on campus.

Report: 95% of People Who Wear Jerseys at Spring Block Don’t Know the First Name of Player They’re Wearing

A shocking report was just released out of the Pew Research Center about the attire of those who frequent Spring Block at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s Red Lion establishment.“After surveying about 10,000 Greek Life participants about their clothes they wear to Spring Block, we simply couldn’t believe our findings,” said Pew Research Center head […]

Athletic Director Josh Whitman Decides on Future of John Groce By Looking At Groce’s Bald Head as Crystal Ball

UIUC’s athletic director Josh Whitman now has to decide what he wants to do with Coach Groce’s job and the way he is deciding is rather unique.

Source: Lady Gaga Still Missing After Halftime Jump

Lady Gaga provided a showstopping halftime performance during Super Bowl 51 with her medley of hits. At the end of the performance, she proceeded the drop the microphone and jump off the stage. Multiple sources have reported that the musician is yet to be found.“You know, normal people drop the microphone and walk off the […]

UIUC Business Major Willingly Waits Two Hours In Line at Career Fair Just to be Told to Apply Online

Career Fairs are great opportunities for students who have not been able to attain internships for the summer, even though it's actually useless.

UIUC Football Grad Looks Forward to Not Putting Communication Degree to Use In Super Bowl 51

On February 5th the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons will battle for the Vince Lombardi trophy on the only Sunday of year when everyone pretends they’re a football fan. UIUC football alum Ted Karras will proudly don the New England Patriots colors and hit the turf, putting his communication degree to absolutely no […]

The Ultimate UIUC Bucket List for The Class of 2017

Once second semester comes around, it’s understandable that UIUC seniors can start to panic about finishing up a useless degree and face inevitable unemployment. But seniors need to stop and smell the South Farms while they can, so we composed the ultimate bucket list for seniors to get done before they leave Chambana and move […]

Hey, Do You Mind Taking a Picture of Us?

Hey! Excuse me? I’ve been watching you all night trying to talk to my sorority sister, Brittany. Let me tell you something honey, she, like, totally isn’t into you and that’s why I’m cockblocking the hell out of you. I want to ask you, though, would you mind taking a picture of me and my […]