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Wow: Apparently, Everything Reminds This Illini Girl of Studying Abroad

  After spending four months in another country, it’s understandable that UIUC students can miss their study abroad experiences a little bit. But, for UIUC junior Samantha Jones, everything that she does, sees and hears reminds her of her time abroad last semester.“If you weren’t paying attention to my daily blog posts and or my […]

KAM’s NYE Attendees Surprised Communications Major Successfully Counts Backwards From 10

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign junior Maddie Davis sent shockwaves throughout campus at the KAM’s New Year’s Eve Bash at the stroke of midnight when her math skills counted most.“I was a bit worried about the countdown since Maddie was a communications major,” junior Chris Stevens noted, “I know they don’t necessarily teach them how […]

From the Streets: If Christmas was the Celebration of Satan’s Birthday, What Would You Give Your Mom?

Finding the perfect Christmas present is hard enough when it's the celebration of Baby Jesus' birth, but what if it was the celebration of Satan’s birthday?

Partygoers Unclear Where UIUC Sorority Girl Wants to Go After She Screams “LION!” for 100th Time

Confusion arose at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s Omega Epsilon fraternity house after one sorority girl screamed gibberish at a pregame.

Heartwarming: This UIUC Sorority Girl Wants to Go to the Bathroom, So All 200 Members of Her Sorority Join Her

Girls in sororities are consistently criticized for paying for their friends and like, being party animals, but this latest act will change your views.

Ghosts of Racist White Men UIUC Libraries are Named After Delighted that You’re Studying in their Libraries

Students may be over-stressed, but there are some bigoted, old ghosts who are rather pleased about the crowded libraries.

UIUC Sorority Girl’s Bar Wristband Collection Hung Across Bedroom Is As Sad As You’d Think

One U of I sorority girl has taken the initiative to collect every single wristband she gets from going to campus bars and hang them on her bedroom wall.

6 Brands That Need Bowl Games

As the college football season starts to wrap up, many teams are fighting for a spot in one of the prestigious bowl games, such as the Sugar and Orange Bowls. Then, brands like Dollar General plaster their name next to many of the countless bowl games to get their name out there. Unfortunately, not all […]

Brother Jed to Hibernate in Fiery Pits of Hell This Winter

Students gracing the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Main Quad in the bitter cold may notice it’s a little quieter than usual this winter.

From the Streets: What’s the Worst Drinking Injury You’ve Ever Sustained?

Drinking leads to fun. Too much drinking leads to fun AND injury, so we asked: what’s the worst drinking injury you’ve ever sustained?