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Heartwarming: Illini Kim Jong-un Impersonator Went On To Threaten Nuclear War

There’s no question that the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign churns out the leaders of tomorrow. There’s also no question the school’s famed North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un impersonator’s (Class of 2016) post-grad actions and accomplishments is something everyone can be proud of.“When Kimmy was in Champaign, he frequented Joe’s Brewery often and had one […]

An Interview with Zo, The GroupMe Robot

We talked to Zo, the GroupMe Robot about everything from what she dreams about to the current political climate. Is she human, or is she dancer?

How To Avoid Bringing Up Your Study Abroad Trip Even Though You’ll Literally Die Not Mentioning It

Here are helpful tips to suppress any need to tell your friends about your study abroad trip, Brittany.

Scientists Claim UIUC Students Icing Out Main Cause for Climate Change

 As the nation gets more divided on the real cause of climate change, scientists released a bombshell study this week in which they claim to know the true perpetrators of global warming.   “The main cause of global warming can be attributed to those idiot University of Illinois students icing out their mixed drinks all […]

Should You Ditch Your Internship for Greek Reunion?

You’re right in the middle of your shitty summer internship, but Red Lion’s calling your name. It’s Greek Reunion time. Only problem is, in order to get the full experience of this drunken debauchery, you’re going to have to find a way out of work on Friday to make it to Happy Hour. So is […]

The Shocking Leaked Emails Between Illini Republicans and Russia

Yesterday, after Donald Trump Jr.’s emails about his planned meetings with Russian officials, another bombshell of emails were released this morning.

We Found Lovie Smith’s Finsta and Here’s What We Saw…

A popular trend among UIUC students is the creation of Finstas, or fake Instagram accounts where you can post ugly selfies, drunk pictures, and honest captions to a small, select group of friends. Fighting Illini football coach Lovie Smith apparently hopped on the Finsta trend without anyone noticing…until now. Here are some of the most […]

The Judgmental Map of Buffalo Grove, Illinois

Non-Buffalo Grovians don’t know the struggle of living in such an uneventful suburb. Perhaps with this map, you’ll get a better idea on what BG is really like.

UIUC Student Somehow Always at Chicago Cubs Game

For most UIUC students, summer is a time to work at unpaid internships and take boring lifeguarding shifts where they stare at water. But for one student, it’s somehow the time where he gets to see every Chicago Cubs game and make sure everyone knows about it.   “I don’t know how, but I always […]

7 Things Millennials Have Ruined at UIUC

Ever since Millennials came along with their avocado toast and “Yaaas Queen,” this selfish generation has slowly destroyed University of Illinois.