Eden Friedman

Eden Friedman


We Infiltrated the West Dining Hall and Have Some Thoughts

The West dining hall is an enigma that demanded The Black Sheep's keen investigative skills. We infiltrated the place, and we have some thoughts.

Top 7 Items to Put on Top of Your BU Homework to Make It Go Away

When homework seems impossible and deadlines are looming, there's only one thing to do: Throw a bunch of stuff on top of it to avoid responsibility!

The Top 6 Reasons to Sue BU

How are you supposed to pay for college without going into crippling debt? By making the university pay for it itself! It's time to sue BU.

8 New Features the BU App Should Add

The BU Mobile App is antiquated and needs an upgrade more than the bathrooms in the GSU. Don’t you wish your tuition increases could go towards something that benefits you for a change? With these new features, you could be certain that your $50,000 will be put to good use! 8.) A Very Fun Game to […]

8 Worse Outcomes Than Not Getting Your Preferred BU Housing

If you're feeling depressed about not getting your #1, here are 8 definitely-worse situations to give you a little perspective.

The Spirit Doggos of BU Colleges

The students in each BU college have their own distinct personalities, energy level, and breed, much like a dog. What spirit dog pack do you belong in?

How to Stuff Your Face on Comm Ave. For Under $3

Have you already exhausted your supply of meal swipes and dining points? Fill up on Comm. Ave. with plenty of mediocre food for under three bucks.

Top 6 BU Spring Break Hot Spots and What They Say About You

Where you go to get totally smashed for a week has a lot to do your personality - find out what your spring break destination says about you!

Embrace Global Warming by Hanging a Hammock in these 7 Places at BU

Break out the hammock on a sunny, unseasonably warm day and enjoy kicking back on campus at one of these popular locations!

9 BU Dining Meals to Drown Your Valentine’s Day Sorrows

*said through heaving sobs* PHO IS SUPPOSED TO BE IN A BIG BOWL *gasps* AND HAVE LONGER NOODLES *gasps* AND TEXT ME BACK *sobs*