EJ Fowler

EJ Fowler

5 Things Betsy DeVos Will Fund for ArtPrize 2017

ArtPrize 2017 wouldn't exist without the Devos family shellin' out the cash, but just what is Betsy buying this year?

What’s Going on in the Mind of a GVSU Student?

Have you ever looked at the guy next to you and thought "I wonder what's goin' on in there?" Well now's the time to look inside his mind.

7 Obstacles at GVSU That Wont Get the F#ck Out the Way

Not only are there more people to work around, but certain annoying-ass objects around GV make it near impossible to get anywhere on time.

6 GVSU Gems Freshmen Will Never Know

Here are just six things incoming freshmen will stupidly reference to pretend they’re older than they are.

GVSU Clock Tower being Renovated Using Wads of Cash Instead of Bricks

Thousands of dollars are literally being funneled into renovations, as workers have begun using wads of cash instead of bricks to complete these projects.

5 of the Best Trash Cans Around Grand Valley to Hide Yourself from Freshmen in

GVSU Freshmen are about to descend on campus. Here are the best garbage cans on campus to use avoid the hordes in, according to The Black Sheep.

Students Fill Facebook Feeds with Cooking Videos Despite Only Having Two PBRs in the Fridge

Cooking videos have invaded Facebook, offering hypothetically easy meals for students. Although many students watch these videos, real food is out of reach.

7 Hells of Harrison Township, Michigan

Harrison Township, Michigan might seem idyllic, but it's full of its own tortures for the sinners among us. Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

How to Not Be THAT Straight Person at Pride

It's Pride Month, so you're probs going to go to Pride with all your cool gay friends. Here's how to avoid being THAT straight person at your local Pride.

5 Cryptids Around GVSU That Only Show Up in Summertime

Summer is officially here at Grand Valley. But with most of the student body gone, all the local cryptids have come out of hiding.