Eli Rallo

Eli Rallo

Chief Campus Editor

University of Michigan
The Top 7 Places Michigan Sorority Girls Love to Pee in Ann Arbor

When the clock strikes 10 minutes past “Kamchatka shot o’clock," these destinations become the top seven places Michigan sorority girls love to pee.

How to Lose All That No Thai Weight This Summer

Apparently, enough pad thai and soy sauce really does add up to the freshman fifteen you said you wouldn’t gain.

10 Steps to Ann Arbor-izing Your Lame Home Town

Would you give anything for a meal in South Quad dining hall or perhaps an overpriced drink at Garage Bar? Well, you’re in luck!

10 Ways to Pay Your Out-of-State U of M Tuition

Are you or your parents about to spend the next 4-40 years trying to figure out how to afford a $240,000 education? Lucky for you, The Black Sheep is here!

QUIZ: Which University of Michigan Dorm Are You?

Ever wanted to know which U of M dorm is really home for you? Well, boy oh boy, does The Black Sheep have to quiz for you.

Definitive Timeline of Thirsty Thursday in Ann Arbor

Any Michigan student knows that Thursday is the best and worst day of the week. Shoutout to thirsty Thursday, we hate to love you, and love to hate you.

Girl Scouts of America Strategically Take Over Ann Arbor

To all the girl scouts, we’re proud of you, and we hope our contributions to your cookie empire help you beat out Suzy Q and the girls at MSU.

How to Take Pride in Your Walk of Shame in Ann Arbor

This one is for you walk of shame, thank you for giving every blue bus driver, lonely soul, and student that pulled an all nighter something to laugh at.