Eliot Mack

Eliot Mack

Hard Determinist Berkeley Student “A Real Pleasure” to be Around at Holidays

“He’s my little sweetie pie,” reported mother Tara Goldman on her son, Ethan Goldman. Despite her excitement to see her son, who is home on winter break from his studies as a philosophy major at UC Berkeley, the fact that he is now a hard determinist really puts a damper on things.“Yeah I’m pretty much […]

The 9 Circles of Finals Week Hell at Berkeley

It’s finals week at UC Berkeley. Whether a semester of goofing off catches up to you, the 4.0 you need to get into Haas says hello, or some midterms come back to rail you one more time, everyone dies during dead week. Depending on the nature of your crimes against academia, DevilDirks cackles as you […]

Berkeley A**hole Actually Has Time to Go Out Tonight

With finals approaching many are lamenting that their roommates actually have time to go out. Can you seriously believe that?

8 Places to Dab on UC Berkeley’s Campus [GIFS INSIDE]

From Chancellor Dirk's fence, to the Campanile, here are the best places to Dab your dabby heart out on the UC Berkeley campus.

Stanford Protests Pale in Comparison to UC Berkeley Protests

Another thing Stanford sucks at... protesting.

Missed Connections: UC Berkeley Halloween Edition

People used to track each other on craigslist, so we brought that back, in a UC Berkeley Halloween edition!

8 Sexy DIY Cal Costumes

With just a few days until Halloween, students are scrambling to find that perfect sexy outfit. So, we here at The Black Sheep have decided to help!

Berkeley’s Own Crime Stopping Vigilante Really Taking His Sweet Time

With Berkeley's crime on the rise, students need someone to save them. Is Bear Man the super hero they need? Too bad he's done literally nothing.

This Week at the RSF

After a week of interviews, surveys, and Grade-A journalism, reporters at The Black Sheep have compiled their list of this week’s happenings at the UC Berkeley Recreational Sports Facility.7.) A student waiting in line for the weight room actually died: Although the “one in, one out” measure is necessary to mitigate congestion, nothing can mitigate […]

“Oh and You’re Soooo Gorgeous” Says A Fed Up Evans Hall

For years, UC Berkeley’s student body has had no trouble vocally propagating its aesthetic complaints towards Evans Hall. Resting beside Memorial Glade and Doe Library, the “ugliest building on campus” has been chastised since its construction for its closed-in, windowless design and being an imposing concrete structure that everyone would like to see demolished.In a […]