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Ellen Bardash

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Towel-Stealing @Von_Legacy Tweets About Anime A LOT

There’s so much more to Javon Hagan’s Twitter (@Von_Legacy) than towel stealing, and delving into his Twitter history revealed a complex personality.

OU Opens Meth Lab, One-Upping Hocking College’s Cannabis Pledge

Not to be outdone by Hocking College's announcement to test medical marijuana, plans for OU's meth lab are well underway, university officials said.

SHOCKING: Outrage Over Ohio University Mailrooms’ Longer Hours

This year, each green at OU will have one centralized mail center with longer hours daily, a drastic change that has wreaked havoc across campus.

What Kind of Clueless OU Freshman Are You?

Let's put freshmen into categories! Join in on the stereotyping by taking this quiz to find out which type of dumb first-year student you are!

8 Totally Crazy Last-Minute Items to Cross Off Your bOUcket List

Worry no more: we found all the obscure items that every die-hard Bobcat needs to cross off their bOUcket list.

QUIZ: Which Annoying OU Campus Sound Are You?

There are some not-so-nice sounds on campus this time of year, and since we’re some not-so-nice people, we decided to focus on those. Which one are you?

QUIZ: Which Garbage Tier II Class Are You?

One great thing about a modern college education is getting to take a bunch of intro-level classes that are completely unrelated to your major or anything you’re going to do for the rest of your life. These classes are important because they give the university more of your money and put you into crippling debt […]

7 Things You Fool Yourself Into Thinking About OU

We all lOUve OUr belOUved schOUl, but let’s face it: most things about this place don’t make any damn sense.

Top 7 Places to Hide a Dead Body in Athens

When you’ve got a dead body on your hands, finding a hiding place takes up a lot of time that could be filled with other, way more fun spring activities.

BREAKING: OU Has A Swim Team

Research began when OUPD received an anonymous report of approximately 30 women meeting regularly in the Aquatic Center and swimming very, very quickly.