Ellerie Leptich

Ellerie Leptich

10 Things Only Arizona Wildcats Know Are True

The University of Arizona is unique in many different ways, but only true Wildcats would know about it. To others, they’re mysterious, but to us, they’re normal. Here are the top 10 topics that need some down-right explaining.   10.) The Mall? Oh, Yeah, No It’s Just a Bunch of Grass: Many new students and […]

6 Sexy Ways To Treat Yo-Self In Tucson This V-Day

Valentine’s Day can be hard for any single person to survive. If you’re among the unloved, don’t grow weary, instead, just treat yo-self! Make this day all about you and loving yo-self. Here are 6 steps to reach optimum success in treating yo-self!Dress Yo-Self: How are you supposed to confidently treat yo-self if you don’t […]

5 Reasons Why Being a Wildcat is Better than Being a Sun Devil

Every Arizonan knows that the biggest rivalry in the state is between The University of Arizona and Arizona State University (also known as ASS University). The obvious victor in this feud is The University of Arizona, but die-hard ASU fans just can’t seem to understand why. Well, we got 5 reasons why it sucks to […]

5 Steps to Become a Not-So-Sh***y Driver in Tucson

Fellow Wildcats, some of you may not know, but when it comes to driving, Tucson has specials rules. Here are the 5 steps every car owner in the Dirty T must follow to avoid chaos flooding the streets.   Step #1: Plaster on Some Bumper Stickers, Bro Before putting one foot into your vehicle, make […]