Emilee Holtzman

Emilee Holtzman

6 of the Best Comfort Foods at BU for $5 or Less

  So it’s finally May and it’s time to do that assignment you’ve pushed off all semester that’s somehow already due tomorrow. Final papers and final exams are eerily haunting you and are no farther than right around the corner. This can only mean three things: 1) You’re stressed as hell, 2) You want nothing […]

Top 6 Ways to Prepare Yourself for Spring Fling

As April comes to a close and the sun comes out for the second (and most likely last) time this semester, Binghamton students everywhere are beginning to get excited for the eventful Spring Fling. Every year, students line the spine and the field in front of the union to enjoy the nicest day of the […]

Top 6 Distractions at BU for When You Already Have Senioritis as a Sophomore

So sophomore year finally rolls around. You aren’t the little fish in the big pond anymore, heck, you’ve been here a whole entire year! As a Bearcat, you know the school like the back of your paw (do Bearcats have paws?), and you know everyone on your floor. You got used to the class styles […]

6 Things to Make A Sh***y Day at BU Slightly Better

So that test that you (hardly) studied for didn’t go as well as you had planned, you forgot to call your mom and now you’re drowning in homework assignments that were due yesterday. Need an escape? Luckily, we found 6 things around the BU campus that can make any shitty day even the slightest bit […]

Definitive Ranking of the Specialty Food From Each Dining Hall at BU

All BU students get to know what kinds of foods are in each dining hall almost immediately after moving onto campus, including which to avoid if they ever want to see their families again and which are always a go-to option. Luckily, we did our research and found some of the best foods to get […]

8 Of The Weirdest Sh*t We Saw at “New” Parade Day

Given that residence halls were closed on Parade Day this year, Binghamton University students took it upon themselves to have a “New” Parade Day–minus the parade. Although we students didn’t actually have a parade to attend, we still had a hell of a time, all the while seeing some interesting stuff one simply cannot unsee. After […]

7 of the Best Places to Procrastinate Studying at Binghamton University

Any Binghamton University student knows that if they think they don’t have any work to do, they’re most likely lying to themselves. With midterms, essays, and other assignments thrown at you left and right, it gets hard to even remember your own name sometimes (which, yes, they will take points off for). Looking to run […]

8 Ways to Still Celebrate Parade Day at BU

As early march rolls around, Binghamton students are coming out from beneath the shadows and underneath their textbooks at Bartle to get their Parade on. Students from far and wide come to Binghamton to take part in the legendary parade that makes State Street look as though someone threw up a more vibrant version of […]

That’s So BU: 11 Things That Only Happen at Binghamton

“It’s the Bearcat I can see!” But actually though, we as students see that animal way more than we’d ever like to in a lifetime. As interesting as it is, the Bearcat isn’t the only thing at Binghamton that’ll make some heads turn. There are just some things that go on in Binghamton that’ll make […]

10 Things to Do on Valentine’s Day in Binghamton (Besides a Significant Other)

Every college student knows the familiar, gut-wrenching feeling that comes as Valentine’s Day, or what is better known as “Single’s Awareness Day” (S.A.D.) rolls around the corner. If you thought having to endure watching people suck face in every corner of every bar on State Street was bad, just wait until you get to see […]