Emily Blackburn

Emily Blackburn

Chief Campus Editor

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The True You Purdue Starter Pack

2017 is the year of revivals; Beauty and the Beast, the Power Rangers, racist politicians. And remember that meme that was hot like 3 years ago? We’ve brought that back too, because who doesn’t love stereotypes? While Purdue might not be as cliqued-out as East High, there’s a definite distinction between the different majors, so […]

The Top 5 Things To Do Your Last Night On Purdue’s Campus

Whether you’re graduating into a fully functioning adult, or you’re returning to Purdue for yet another year with the Black and Gold, here are a few things you should probably do before you head back home.5.) Frolic Under the Bell Tower: Note: This is only if it’s truly your last night on campus – like, […]

10 Of The Best Walk Of Shame Routes Around Purdue

Still wearing last night’s clothes? Still have bedhead, morning breath, and smell like ball sweat and McCormick’s? We’ve all been there – it’s just a matter of getting home with whatever sliver of pride you have left. The Black Sheep has mapped out a series of convenient routes you can take to make your walk […]

Purdue Engineers To Build One Giant Boob Luge In Honor Of This Year’s Grand Prix Festivities

As students around Purdue’s campus look forward to the alcohol binge that is bound to come from this week’s annual Grand Prix, eager-to-fit-in freshman Zach Titmonger is making a revolutionary breakthrough in the art of boobie beer drinking.“I’ve never actually seen a boob before, but I bet Neil Armstrong saw his fair share of titties, […]

Top 10 Things To Say To Win Over Your Purdue Professor (Trust Us)

As the end of the semester approaches, you’re not the only one getting the not-so-subtle “I’m tired of this shit” vibe from most of your professors. Here are phrases you can incorporate into everyday conversation to make sure your professors hate you less than the rest of your classmates.  10.) “Want a chip?”: There’s nothing […]

5 Ways To Seduce A Stranger In HSSE

Have the mountains of homework you’ve recently been assigned left you itching for some good, old-fashioned lovin’? For your convenience (and probably your sanity), we’ve developed a list of strategies you can use to beguile your next booty call.   5.) Break Out A Bottle Of Wine: Nothing says romance like the stench of disillusioned students […]

A Drunk Review of All Things Purdue

Of course, we love Purdue – but no university is perfect. Good and bad, here are some slightly intoxicated reviews of some of the most prominent aspects of life as a Boilermaker. Hicks Undergraduate Library: Number of tears shed there: Approximately 238 per minute. Number of loud people in the study areas: This is a […]

The Pros and Cons of Leaving Purdue For Spring Break

Spring semester was all fine and dandy, until you realized that the only break longer than a single measly day is literally like, 3 months into the new year. A month in, death by homework seemed like a real possibility, and you contemplated the feasibility of giving your professors some long-term disease to give yourself […]

QUIZ: Which Matt Painter Facial Expression Describes Your Personality?

Matt Painter and this year’s Purdue basketball team are pretty much the only reason we aren’t still bitter about how much our football season sucked. Our second rivalry game against IU is tonight, and in that spirit, we’ve devised a quiz that’ll tell you exactly which of Matt Painter’s in-game facial expressions adequately describe your […]

The 5 Best Spots on Chauncey To Stuff Your Face For $3

Sure, the cost of attendance at Purdue isn’t nearly as steep as some other universities, but it’s still pretty emotionally scarring to fork out tens of thousands of dollars a year to pay for an education whose level of difficulty has been driving you to the brink of insanity since you moved in. The Black […]