Emily Jensen

Emily Jensen

10 of the Best Walk of Shame Routes Around UVa

If you've ever found yourself dreading walking home in a crop top and booties at 10 a.m. after a night of fun, never fear! Try these student-tested routes.

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UVa’s Daddy of the Week

This week’s Daddy of the Week you may know from his daily weather updates on Snapchat.

Quiz: Are You a UVa Basic B*tch?

If you haven’t yakked in Ohill, streaked the Lawn, or begged a frat bro to let you into a mediocre party, do you even go here?

The Black Sheep Interviews: UVa Bouncers, What’s it Like to Work at the Corner’s Rowdiest Bars?

We talked to two bouncers from Boylan and Trin to find out the craziest shit they've ever seen and you'll never guess the people they've thrown out!

7 Spots at 1515 That are Already Too Crowded For You to Enjoy

The newest study spot on the Corner opened its doors for all of the students pretending to be studious this midterm season, trouble is it's so damn crowded.

7 Things to Dye Green If You Want To Get Lucky at UVa This St. Paddy’s Day

If you're trying to get lucky this St. Paddy's Day, go big or go home alone: dye your pubes green along with 6 other things on our list.

7 Things to Do if You’re Stuck in Charlottesville Over Spring Break

So maybe your plans fell through or you just couldn't make yourself spend all your money on a trip to the beach. We've got you covered here in C'ville.