Emily Lemoine

Emily Lemoine

7 Ways to Politely Tell LSU Tours to Get Out the Goddamned Way

Squirrels, skateboarders, and slow walkers are always in the way, but there is a much greater evil at work—tour groups.

Fraternity Under Fire for Betting Pledge Lives on NCAA Tournament Bracket

This tournament season, members of UCLA’s Kappa Sigma have a new system of gambling for their NCAA Tournament bracket pool. They’ve wagered the lives of spring pledges as prizes in their pool, instead of the more traditional money.“Those pledges are so ungrateful. We’re giving them the time of their lives by betting their lives and […]

What is the LSU Eno Community Hiding in Those Things?

Anytime you’re on LSU’s campus, you’re bound to see hundreds of Chaco-wearing, granola-eating students holed up in Enos in a modern-day shantytown.

5 Places to Eat in Baton Rouge When You’re Absolutely Sh*tfaced

With midterms coming up quick, there has been a spike in the amount of alcohol consumed daily per LSU student. But with great alcoholism comes great responsibility.

Spring Breakers Band Together to Create Huge 30 Person Boob Luge

Spring breakers all over the country are meeting up in Panama City Beach to form a giant 30-person boob luge.

What LSU Dorm Did You Live in Based on Your Mardi Gras Routine?

The season is changing—the temperature is rising, the hangovers are getting more frequent, and your GPA is somehow in the negatives. If this is happening to you, you know its Mardi Gras season.

LSU Students Form Squirrel Fighting Ring in a Desperate Attempt to Lower Squirrel Population

In a desperate attempt lower the percentage of students killed per semester by squirrels, LSU students have formed a squirrel fighting ring to lower the campus squirrel population.

13 Sexy Valentine’s Gifts From Your Very Local Goodwill

Every year people spend hundreds of dollars on flowers, chocolate, and jewelry that go un-smelled, uneaten, and unworn.  When the flowers rot, the chocolate melts, and the jewelry is forgotten, these 13 sexy gifts from Goodwill will be all that remains. 13.)  Armageddon on VHS: For the cataclysmic, world-shattering love you’ll be making tonight.12.) The […]

5 Ways to Seduce Your Hot TA at LSU Just in Time for V-Day

We have all had at least one smokin’ hot TA that is now long gone, skipping through a meadow with another kid in your class who actually had the balls to talk to her after class. The Black Sheep is here to make sure that never happens to you again.

6 Things to Do in Baton Rouge If You’re Single on Valentine’s Day

364 days out of the year, being single is the key to having a fun college experience. From racking up on free meals and drinks to never having to meet a single of your lover’s parents, “single” is the most desired relationship status of them all—except on Valentine’s Day. While all your friends and family […]