Emily Lemoine

Emily Lemoine

LSU Students Form Squirrel Fighting Ring in a Desperate Attempt to Lower Squirrel Population

In a desperate attempt lower the percentage of students killed per semester by squirrels, LSU students have formed a squirrel fighting ring to lower the campus squirrel population.

13 Sexy Valentine’s Gifts From Your Very Local Goodwill

Every year people spend hundreds of dollars on flowers, chocolate, and jewelry that go un-smelled, uneaten, and unworn.  When the flowers rot, the chocolate melts, and the jewelry is forgotten, these 13 sexy gifts from Goodwill will be all that remains. 13.)  Armageddon on VHS: For the cataclysmic, world-shattering love you’ll be making tonight.12.) The […]

5 Ways to Seduce Your Hot TA at LSU Just in Time for V-Day

We have all had at least one smokin’ hot TA that is now long gone, skipping through a meadow with another kid in your class who actually had the balls to talk to her after class. The Black Sheep is here to make sure that never happens to you again.

6 Things to Do in Baton Rouge If You’re Single on Valentine’s Day

364 days out of the year, being single is the key to having a fun college experience. From racking up on free meals and drinks to never having to meet a single of your lover’s parents, “single” is the most desired relationship status of them all—except on Valentine’s Day. While all your friends and family […]

German Immigrant Steals Job from American Microbrewer

Recently, America’s largest producer of beer, Budweiser, released yet another tear-jerking Super Bowl commercial. This year, however, the damage of Budweiser’s commercial extends far beyond the emotional heartbreak of a lost puppy befriending Clydesdales.Budweiser’s Super Bowl 51 commercial shed a grotesque light on what was once regarded as America’s favorite beer. The commercial let the […]

6 Best Places to Nap at LSU

There are few things less exhausting than having a two hour break between your classes. You don’t have time to go home, but it’s excruciatingly painful to do nothing but play iPhone 8-Ball during that time. You want to take a nap, but you have no idea where. Luckily, The Black Sheep is here to let […]

5 Reasons Why Bikes Should be Banned from LSU’s Campus

LSU’s campus is the pinnacle of the college experience. From tailgating 48 hours before football games to throwing up Four Lokos in the Bogie’s bathroom, this campus reigns supreme on partying. However, if there’s one thing that ruins a good party, it’s an asshole on a bicycle. Bikes are good for two things: weaving through […]

Conservative Man Breaks Leg Celebrating Obamacare Repeal, Can’t Afford Cast

Congress’ recent decision to repeal Obamacare has led to widespread celebrations among conservatives. Alabama native and frequent Paul Finebaum caller Kevin Wright, broke his leg jumping from trailer-house roof into a kiddie pool during a “NOBAMA” shotgun-firing-blow-up-pool-party celebration. ”I could’a just sworn it was just’a few feet closer to that durn trailer than it were. […]

Top 5 Places on LSU’s Campus to Set Up Glory Holes

Although 2016 was a shit-show-and-a-half, we hope that Spring 2017 will go in a very different and less disastrous direction. Contrary to recent political decisions in our country, there is one good thing that has always been with us to brighten our days and will always be with us. Let us reflect on the ancient […]

F. King Alexander Vows to Lower Tuition by $100 for Every Dead Squirrel Turned In

Alexander announced: “The bloodier the better. I want those sons-a-bitches gone. Eating all my trail mix and leaving nothing but the raisins.”