Emily Moliken

Emily Moliken

Chief Campus Editor

University of Virginia
10 F*ck Duke Signs that were Better Than the Result of Last Night’s Game

Last night our sign game was incredibly strong, and a few made it onto ESPN. Here are 10 Fuck Duke signs that show how clever our student section can be.

Virginia Tech Only Better Than UVa for Last 3.2 Seconds of Game

After a tough game at Tech that stretched into double overtime, Tech’s coach says they were only better than Virginia for three seconds of the game.

Virginia Beats Louisville 71-55, Pitino asks Bennett to ‘Cash Me Ousside Howbow Dah’

After the Hoos beat the Cardinals, Louisville coach Rick Pitino let the heat of the game get to him and invited our dearest Tony to cash him ousside.

UVa Students in Shambles After Our Sexy Coach Loses to Another Sexy Coach

In a competition of steamy older gentlemen, here are a few places Bennett and Wright clashed that ultimately led to Jay taking the lead at the last second.

Clear ND Made a Deal with the Devil After 10th Consecutive Loss to UVa

Virginia and the Irish squared off in South Bend, and the ghoulish reason for our 10 consecutive wins against ND will shock you.

6 Reasons Tony Bennett and Tony Bennett Are Secretly the Same Person

While the Tony Bennett would never be confused with old man Tony Bennett walking around Grounds, Google searches can lead to some confusion.

QUIZ: We Bet We Can Guess Your First Year Dorm Area Based on What You Did Your First Weekend Back at UVa

Where you lived freshman year determines your friendships, personalities, and naturally, your weekend rituals.

We Replaced Swear Words from Famous Movies with ‘Boston College’

UVa takes on BC, and since Boston College sucks so much and it’s Awards season, we’ve subbed BC into famous movies' filthiest quotes.

Clemons Library Spot the Difference

We’ve changed 8 things about Clemons Library—can you find them? If not, maybe you need a study break—just stare at this for a few hours. If you think you have them, email your guesses to UVASNF@theblacksheeponline.com. Get it right, you’ll get a prize!