Emily Moliken

Emily Moliken

Chief Campus Editor

University of Virginia
SHOCKING: UVa Student to Use Reading Day to Relax Instead of Studying

A University of Virginia student plans to use the school-sanctioned reading day, a day set aside for studying, for ill-advised "relaxation time."

Drinking Game: The UVa Darty Bounce

Darty season is finally upon us and you know what that means: endless supplies of frat juice. Play this to up your darty game.

Quiz: UVa Students, Should You Go to Class Today?

Making the decision yourself is hard. Don't sweat it, just take this quiz whenever you're struggling to decide and we'll let you know exactly what to do.

The 2017 UVa Drunk Food Bracket Winner: Christian’s

After a long-fought battle between the best spots on and around Grounds for the coveted title of Best Drunk Food, favored-to-win Christian’s Pizza has run away with a 101 vote lead over Marco & Luca’s. Christian’s predictably stayed on top throughout our drunk food March Madness, beating out the best of drunk foods from a […]

The UVa Drunk Food Bracket: Final Round

In a major upset, Marco & Luca’s took down Got Dumplings with a lead of 116 votes, shocking drunk food enthusiasts from JPJ to the Flats.

The 2017 UVa Drunk Food Bracket: Round 2

After receiving hundreds of votes from students, the four strongest competitors have moved on to this week’s round of match-ups.

UVa Students Knocked Down a Peg After Nearly Losing to A School No One’s Ever Heard of

Virginia fans who were confident enough to skip out on watching the first game because of the predicted landslide victory, have been humbled by this win.

The 2017 UVa Drunk Food Bracket: Round 1

Since March Madness has finally arrived, we’ve created a Drunk Food Bracket to let you vote on your favorite spots.

Virginia Beats No. 5 Carolina, Tech Still Unranked

Carolina left with their lowest scoring game in coach Roy Williams’ time at the school (14 years) and an ego bruised as badly as Wilkins' elbowed face.

QUIZ: Which UVa Bar Are You?

We may not all go to the same bars, but let us not forget the most important fact: we all like to get fucked up one way or another, and that's beautiful.