Emily Moliken

Emily Moliken

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University of Virginia
QUIZ: We Bet We Can Guess Your First Year Dorm Area Based on What You Did Your First Weekend Back at UVa

Where you lived freshman year determines your friendships, personalities, and naturally, your weekend rituals.

We Replaced Swear Words from Famous Movies with ‘Boston College’

UVa takes on BC, and since Boston College sucks so much and it’s Awards season, we’ve subbed BC into famous movies' filthiest quotes.

Clemons Library Spot the Difference

We’ve changed 8 things about Clemons Library—can you find them? If not, maybe you need a study break—just stare at this for a few hours. If you think you have them, email your guesses to [email protected] Get it right, you’ll get a prize!

The Definitive ECU Game Guide: Cold Hard Facts

Tuesday night we face off with East Carolina at JPJ. We're gonna give you the real facts about ECU, the ones they don't tell you.

10 Worst UVa Gifts Under $15 on Amazon

If you decide to take the high road and not student charge all their presents at the bookstore, steer clear of these duds for under $15 on Amazon.

5 Things to Yell at OSU at Tonight’s Game

We're confident our guys will have no problem taking on the Buckeyes, but it never hurts to make sure the Ohio State feels the burn in all the ways.

Bartender of the Week: Michael’s Bistro’s Alex

We stopped by Michael's Bistro to hang out with Alex "Dunkendickface" Dunkenberger. He enjoys red headed sluts and not fashion. Check him out!

If UVa Colleges Were Snapchat Filters

There are enginerds, nurses, future Jordan Belforts around Grounds and we think they should be celebrated like the true heroes they are: with Snapchat.

10 Things That Are Legal Now That America Is Over

Though it seems there is no silver lining, we’re going to try to look really really hard to find something good that’ll come of this. Turns out there are 10