Emma Spaeth

Emma Spaeth

8 Dudes You’ll Find on UO Tinder

With Tinder being the most popular app for Oregon students to hook up, it gets easier to identify the kind of person you will shack up with at night.

UOregon Dayger Drinking Game

Now that spring term is finally underway with some good weather in Eugene, here is the perfect drinking game to ensure you get hammered at your next dayger.

UO Student Noticeably Upset by First Warm Day in Eugene

The first warm day of May saw hundreds of students sitting out on their lawns and the men of every fraternity in their backyards for a full day of raging.

QUIZ: What Does Your Favorite Eugene Restaurant Say About You?

As the saying goes, "you are what you eat," and this couldn't be more true for the students here at the University of Oregon.

7 Ways to Get Through Spring Term at UO if You’re Broke as Sh*t

Spring term is upon us, and whether you’re broke because of Coachella or too lazy to get a job, wallets are feeling tight for many students here at UO.

Catholic UO Frat Boy Spotted Drinking Beer Four Days Before Easter

Many students here, at the University of Oregon, are giving things up in honor of this religious holiday including Luke Brenner.

UO Drinking Game: Baseball Edition

Baseball at the University of Oregon is all the rage this spring. What better way to celebrate a Duck win than with a drinking game?

QUIZ: Which Eugene Bar Are You?

While Oregon is more known for it’s stunning scenery, the bars around the University of Oregon campus are famed around the Eugene area.

6 Things We Should be Protesting on UO’s Campus

The University of Oregon president, Michael Schill, has been issuing executive orders that are infuriating students in the Eugene area.

A Weekend in Eugene as Told by Things Found on Your Monday Morning Walk to Class

Walking around Eugene and the University of Oregon campus on any day will ensure you see some questionable things but hey it’s Oregon, what do you expect?