Emory Cannon

Emory Cannon

5 Little Known Facts About the Clemson-Carolina Rivalry

There are many historical gems about this rivalry that people don't know. Here's a list of the 5 things you need to know about the Clemson-Carolina Rivalry.

An Open Letter to My Post-Graduate Self

What’s up? How’s it going? Are you doing ok? At this point (a month from today) you’ll have graduated from college.

Superlatives We Awarded to Random Objects on South Carolina’s Campus

Yearbooks understand the importance of awarding meaningless superlatives, but why stop there? Here are 7 superlatives we awarded to USC campus staples.

Ghost of Strom Thurmond Rises, Haunts Gym Named in His Honor

Some stranger in a hot dog suit approaching one, asking them to“touch his wiener,” may have been the creepiest thing many South Carolina students experienced this weekend. For Gamecocks at the Strom Thurmond Wellness Center, Halloween got a little bit creepier when the ghost of a former South Carolina senator returned from the afterlife to haunt […]

5 Halloween Costumes to Rock the Cocks This Halloween

Slutty nurse, slutty cat, or slutty pumpkin. Every year deciding what slutty, witty, or slutty and witty costume you’re going to wear becomes more and more difficult. Since stealing ideas from Pinterest can only get you so far in your never-ending quest for Instagram likes, read this list of USC-inspired costumes so you can stand […]

7 Steps to Avoid the Plague at USC

Coughing, sneezing, and sniffling worse than Donald Trump at a debate, here at the University of South Carolina have heard the sounds of sickness creeping in all around us. You sit in class trying to focus on—we want to say…wars?—or whatever class you’re in, but you can’t shake the feeling that you will be infected […]

USC Student Builds Ark to Save Animals in Riverbanks Zoo

Hurricane Matthew incited fear in the hearts of many across the Southeast. and brought with it a call to action to help those affected by the storm. Many people volunteered to assist in any way possible, but one USC student, Nathan Lamarck, may have taken his altruistic actions a step too far.   “When Nathan […]

President Pastides to Host PastidesPalooza Music Festival in the Horseshoe

Earlier this week it was announced that PastidesPalooza will join the ever-growing list of popular music festivals attended by thousands of music loving, shower-depraved twenty-somethings at the University of South Carolina. The music festival, held in the Horseshoe, will be entirely arranged by university President Harris Pastides. President Pastides will be the sole planner of […]

Mom Finally Found in Fraternity Lots Week After Parents Weekend

Parents Weekend: a hallowed tradition for parents to see the reality of where their money is going. Unfortunately, some parents have been known to take this weekend revitalization of youth a step too far. For Janice Lanski, mother of fraternity brother Kevin Lankski, this was definitely the case.  “On Friday, I went back to the […]

USC Baller Student Only Takes Uber to Class

Last week, USC senior Caroline Bulet, made an unprecedented move in the world of class- to- class transportation. When the forward thinking senior, emerged from her Uber ride at the front door of Swearingen the surrounding students knew they were among true greatness. “When I saw a girl roll out of the backseat of a […]