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Ethan S

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QUIZ: Which UW Madison Celeb Are You?

Want to know if you rank up next to the best that UW has to offer? Take this quiz to find out, and more importantly, to take your mind off final.

6 Reasons to Sue UW-Madison

UW may seem great, but it’s actually a dirty, dirty crook that needs to be put in its place by a different dirty, dirty crook: a lawyer.

7 Places To Do Some Shady Sh*t on the UW Campus

Avoid these areas if you wanna be safe, or, ya know, use them as the backdrop of your next drug deal or whatever. Users choice.

Tinder Profiles for UW’s ‘Sexiest’ Icons

Ever wonder what Becky Blank’s Tinder profile would look like if she wasn’t married to that buzzkill Hanns (of the not-Zimmer dynasty)?  Or if Bucky would be a sweetheart or a total fuckboy on online dating/banging apps? Well, if you’re a basic shit like us, you have. And since we have tons of funds and […]

If Buildings on Campus were Members of the Trump Administration

You ever walk by Humanities, stop, and think to yourself, “Gee, I wonder what member of Trump’s administration this building would be?”

UW Comprehensive Weather Report Predicts the Unthinkable

Tuesday: Lake Mendota water level is set to rise four inches higher and engulf the entire Memorial Union Terrace, setting back years of construction.

Badger Fans Concerned Nigel Hayes Just Now Realizing He Needs to Step His Game Up

Even Becky Blank has expressed worry that Hayes’ legacy could be in jeopardy if he ends his four year tenure with the Badgers on a low note.

Closeted UW Republican Comes Out to Fraternity, Brothers Are Totally Accepting

A closeted Republcian frat boy came out about his political identity to his fraternity brothers, and they went on hazing him like usual.

6 Most F*cked Up Things to Happen at UW

There’s gotta be some weird shit that’s happened here at UW that will make you go, “Wow, I mean, I’ve seen worse, but still.” Right?

Jordan Hill’s Five Step Plan to Completely Replace Nigel Hayes

An anonymous source leaks a five step plan created by Hill that will help him take Nigel Hayes' spot on the UW men's basketball team.