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Faith Reynolds

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Berkeley’s 6 Most Annoying Types of Incoming Freshmen, As Told By The UC Berkeley Class of 2021 Facebook Group

Cal has begun accepting students for the class of 2021, and many of these ecstatic high school seniors are already expressing their desperation for friends via the UC Berkeley Class of 2021 Facebook group. Admitted students post lengthy bios in hopes to attract future roommates, friends and lovers, and oh sweet Jesus, they’re more terrible […]

QUIZ: What UC Berkeley Building Are You?

Do you ever walk around campus, looking at the buildings, wondering which one you would be like if they took on human form? Considering UC Berkeley’s buildings represent every style of architecture that has ever existed, there are many to choose from. The Black Sheep has put together a nice quiz to tell you which building […]

7 Things To Do Instead Of Studying For Your Midterms:

It’s midterm season and that means hours of time spent on Facebook with occasional breaks for studying. In the stressful environment that UC Berkeley creates, students attempt to find ways to combat their stress and never-ending amount of homework. Here at The Black Sheep we’ve compiled a handy list with seven things to do instead […]

QUIZ: Where In Berkeley Are You Living Next Year?

Spring is just around the corner, and that means it’s’ already time to find people to live with! Although you will hate these people shortly after moving in together, it’s still better to sign your life awa— sign your lease early. Choosing where to live can be a tough decision for some, so here at […]

7 Of The Most F*cked Up Things To Happen At Cal Berkeley

From the creation of Evans Hall, to the removal of the GBC chicken strips, Cal has had some pretty f*cked up things happen here.

The Top Nine Places In Berkeley To Cry This Valentine’s Day

No place to cry like Haas School of Business!

10 Signs That The Daily Cal Is Fake News

Fake news right here at UC Berkeley, turn to none other than... The Daily Cal!

Small Businesses Like Taco Bell Relieved To Have Remy’s Gone

After the closure of Remy's Mexican Restaurant, owners at Taco Bell can finally breath easy knowing their small business will have less competition.

10 Reasons Why Joining A Cal Business Frat Is Better Than Joining A Greek Frat:

Do you want to be a frat star... that is a business frat star? Well here are the ten reasons you really should be!

A Timeline of A Berkeley Student’s Four Years

Time flies when you’re having fun, that’s why life at Berkeley feels like forever. Berkeley is a place to be challenged, to find yourself, be challenged again and to realize that high school might have been your peak.  Each moment that makes up your college experience, including sleeping through a midterm or getting rejected from […]